Monday, 25 February 2008


Just stopped by for a quick chat because what Joanne said about seeing a face in the earth piece reminded me of something. When I first started using the sewing machine software I set myself the task of combining the automated stitching with traditional goldwork techniques - gold kid and couched thread. The embroidery was based on a Celtic lettering theme. Here it is.

I was quite pleased with the combination but the kids kept calling it my Bart Simpson piece - I guess I should have thought more about the letters.

I never felt quite the same about it after that.

According to some boffins, the reason we look for faces in clouds or in wallpaper stains etc., is to do with the facial recognition babies have to develop to recognise their mothers. Just a little pearl of wisdom for you.

The piece measures three feet by two, Aussie Jo. I did offer the boys a stitching day but I'm afraid the ducks won! Jake used to love using the machine so I hope he'll come back to it. At the moment he is into judo.

Thanks for all the kind comments on the piece and the GCs.

Today I have been catching up with the June magazines. Commissioning is in place but I am tracking down new products for us to review. If anyone knows of anything exciting do let me know. I have also been looking at what I need to buy for the Jersey classes and ordering supplies. Got a bit carried away with Oliver Twists though. Love her colours.
Just had time to plan the small saleables for the Highcliffe exhibition. This is a design based on fossilised ferns.

I am printing on silk as I blog. Multi-tasking or what!


Carol said...

I was reading somewhere that advertisers use circles in logo's a lot for the same reason, the circles, humans prefer circles as they are used to seeing thier mothers faces!

artisbliss said...

I'm probably slow on the uptake but I doubt I'd have noticed the "doh" if you hadn't said anything. Gorgeous as usual, and somehow I'm not surprised at your ability to multitask.

corryna said...

Amazing! You make such great art! Thank you for sharing it with us.


MargaretR said...

I love the Fern Fossils design Maggie, it's beautiful and the colours are lovely. I'm not surprised that you multi task either. I'm just trying to picture you doing it!