Monday, 7 April 2008

Getting a Life

Thanks for comments. katelnorth - in our family we seem to adopt the child's silly names and forget the original. I now find it impossible to say pyjamas - they are always jabamas.

This is why I know the words to Fox on the Run, Hippopip. The long term memory is fine - it's where I put the car keys this morning that lets me down. Talking of oldies, I do love my ipod and the new(ish) car has a socket for it, so we don't need to take hundreds of CDs with us on long trips. Needless to say we keep forgetting the ipod.

I'm sorry not to have posted for ages but I am in danger of developing a social life. I don't suppose it will last long. We've had lots of meals out with friends, visits from a cousin from America and, on Saturday, Clive Grey BA had his graduation ceremony in Brighton. He looked very smart in his robes - hired for the occasion, of course. It was a lovely ceremony which ran like clockwork and managed to be serious and great fun at the same time. Well done the OU.

One very interesting aspect was the award of a special Honours degree to Wilfred Cass who has done so much for the arts in this country - sculpture in particular. He told us a little of his life story (he was an entrepreneur who specialised in turning around ailing companies). He talked about his failures, some of which were quite spectacular, which I thought very courageous. A lesson to us all to pick ourselves up and plough on, especially in these difficult times.

I have been doing a little stitching. Here is the back of the Wiretex bag, which is now a vessel.

Now I am joining it to the front and will carry on the bands of yellow couching so that it all links together.

There has also been a lot of work done on Workshop on the Web and Quiltwow. They are both coming on very well. Ken Smith has written an amazing article on machine embroidery techniques. I plan to try some of them tomorrow at my Beyond Stitch group.

On Friday I took Lauren (14) to the exhibition. Somehow this outing ended with me buying her a new pair of jeans. How did that happen? As we were setting off from her house I managed to drive over their recycling box, which now needs to be recycled. We pushed it out of the way and drove off quickly, giggling like mad. I did confess in the end though.


jude said...

I have always thought of Clive as a man of many talents. The photo confirms this - he can do rental as well.

(Would he like to pop up and program our new recordable DVD? 160 pages of manual would be fine if it was sewing machine software, but I've lost the will to continue at Initial Set Up!)

fiona d said...

Congratulations to Clive - he looks very distinguished in academic dress. We also stopped using proper phrases and adopted the children's versions permanently, especially when they were funny - 'Close the door there's a giraffe coming in' is one of my favourites when it's draughty!

MargaretR said...

I agree, Clive is a man of many talents and looks very distinguished in his gown and you look so proud Maggie. Well done Clive. I think you both deserve some exciting social life, but don't stop blogging will you Maggie? You've spoilt us now. That vessel is lush!

Susan D said...

Please give my Congratulations to Clive on as achievement.

Doreen G said...

Congratulations to Clive and like every one else has said he looks very distinguished in his garb.

Aussie Jo said...

What a special moment, it's great to see all that hard work acknowledged Clive, well done. Love that vividly bright vessel.

Aussie Jo said...

Have to tell you our funniest children's saying, son 2 always said dottom for bottom. Funniest part was he had a birthmark on his bottom so he really did have a dottom!!!!

Helen Suzanne said...

Hi Maggie, you both look great :D
Of course that vessel is just wonderful and adds to the reason why I'm passing on to you the "Art pico award" as inspirational to the blogging world. as always with these things there are a couple of requirements to passing this on (on my blog). really hope you don't mind them.

artisbliss said...

Congrats to Clive. He looks very distinguished in his finery, albeit hired.

Your bag is gorgeous.

Julie said...

Congratulations Clive! You look very distinguished :)
I still refer to "key cars" and "par carks" oh and jypamas! from when my stepdaughter was small.
I was beginning to worry about your absence Mggie. Glad to hear you were having fun :)

Marjorie Dawson said...

A belated congratulations to Clive - you clever man you and well done. I would love to do something like that (being convinced I can't add up:-))

A recent carft fair did not go hugely well so cathing up on my blog subs has been a real pleasure. You are stiff competition for the Mason Dixon quinea pig scroll down beyond the knittied dishcloth on needles for an even better shot!

Enjoy the social life you are only young once or twice!!