Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Yesterday was a brilliant day. We had an easy morning and then did a talk in Lymington before moving on to the Private View of Jan and Jean’s Windsor exhibition.

The talk went so well - it is a fairly new branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild but so lively and interested. The questions at the end went on forever, always a good sign. We incorporate short movies into our talks - you can show so much more then and it breaks up the run of images. The digital projector is one of the best toys we’ve ever had. We did one movie on embellishing printed silk and one on the Melting Pot.

The new book had a good reception. InkAid has really caught everyone’s imagination and, although the talk was actually on texture, I had some samples with me. We had a short seminar after the talk.

Then on to Windsor, via the Royal Ascot ground where all the toffs were leaving. Exciting hats and outfits but, unfortunately, we didn’t get stuck in the usual traffic jam so I couldn’t see too closely.

It was a wonderful evening at the Windsor college with a fun atmosphere. Lots of odd little chaps like this popped up all over the college.

So many people we knew - most of them only seen once a year at this event. We’ve always got on well with Deirdre Hawken and she usually moderates the Diploma course so it was good to see her again. Even better to hear that she is hat-making again after a break of a few years.
Jan and Jean were in top form. Jan commented that we only really get to catch up properly when we teach in Australia and we had a brief reminisce about the last time we taught in Horsham. All the tutors were given a special treat - a trip up a mountain with a guy who was an expert on rock art and a bird expert. Apart from the climbing bit, it was great. We were instructed to keep three points of contact between our bodies and the mountain. As coming down was worse than going up, I asked if our bums could be one of the points as I thought I’d be better going down in a seated position, like a toddler going downstairs.

Here’s a Hello style look at some of the personalities. Pam Watts (left) and Margaret Walker (centre) who heads up the arty side of City & Guilds. Margaret said she expected some good news on the C&G courses soon and would keep me in touch. I do hope they find a way to resurrect them as they started so many people on their textile journey. So sorry, but I can't remember the name of the lady on the right, which is awful because I do know her.

Leslie Morgan and Clare Benn, reflected in one of the Diploma installations. I left the flash flare as it added drama. This exhibit needed reflections to make it work.

I found the Final Diploma exhibition a bit more difficult this year - lots of installations - and these really need a good look and a think to get the most from them. You need to get your head around the concept, I think. Wish we lived closer - I’d like another look on a quiet day.

I loved this piece entitled Star Echoes by Sue Faulkener. It is based on research showing that the death of a star can be recorded in growth rings by trees on earth.
Here the tree growth is recorded as a bar code. Interesting idea.

Here is Diana Robertson’s Rolling Waves.There were three or four of the panels in total.

I liked it that we saw the design as well.

The diploma first year's showed promise, as you can see, below. This Beryl Cookish doll from Janet Heawood made me smile. Sad that Beryl Cook is no longer with us.

Unusual materials from Christine Pulker

Jan gave me permission to take and use the photos but I couldn’t ask the artists so I hope they don’t mind. I have more pics, so maybe next time. This blog is much too long, already.

Finally, above is one for Sue, who said she didn’t mind having her pic shown.
Actually the reason she is looking like that is beacause she has dipped her brush in the paint without taking the cover off! Glad you enjoyed the course, Sue.


MargaretR said...

Wonderful post Maggie and the new book is fantastic!
Mentioning Dierdre Hawken brought back memories of the weekend on the Wirral. Doesn't that seem long ago now? I don't suppose you fancy doing another do you? I was just hoping that was the new idea you just had :)

maybird said...

Was very interested in piece about the Windsor exhibition.They look like being a very tallented bunch, but then they do have Jan and Jean!I have just completed my HNC in stitched textiles and we have our exhibition next Thurs 26th June,at Gloucestershire College in Cheltenham and are hoping for a good turnout although it's doubtful as the college haven't advertised!
Love your new kitten by the way, looks so cute and cuddly.

Aussie Jo said...

The photos are excellent. I find it so interesting that there are so many applications and interpretations in textile art.

Jackie said...

Thanks for sharing those lovely photos of the diploma work..if only The Art of the Stitch had been as good...
I wanted to ask if you visit Lymington regularly? In 1992 we went there and in the little road down to the quay there was a florist who had a whole lot of beautiful embroidered mirrors. I have often wondered who she was. I didn't get her name but her work was beautiful.Do you know who it was?