Monday, 24 November 2008

Layers in Photoshop Elements

Layers in Elements. Just a quick idea on using them.

I used a pic of the LLoyds building and duplicated it so that it was on the first layer. Then I clicked the New Layer button and filled it with a mid blue. I drew mad squiggles on it with a paint brush and went over them with the Impressionist brush. Thought this would make a change from a gradient.

Clicked on the middle layer and went to Filters, Adjustments menu and selected Invert. The same as PSP Negative Image.

Then had a play with the layer palettes Modes menu. I chose Difference for the top layer and played for ages with the middle layer options. All worked well.

Finally I went back to Filters and Adjustments and played with the gradient map. Hours of fun, here.

Hope that helps a bit with the Layers conundrum.


Diana said...

I think you have every right to feel peeved about the magazine article, Maggie, and I suspect that it's down to ignorance/naivety/immaturity on the part of the magazine editor and subs. I'd never heard of Flair, so wouldn't like to comment on their usual editorial style, but as an editor of many years' standing myself, I do get cross when I see younger or less experienced people doing a job that doesn't adhere to good old-fashioned professional standards and integrity. Grrrr.
I think if it was me I'd be tempted to write them a letter saying how much I enjoyed the article (or some sarky comment), sign it with my name, and wait with interest to see if I got a response!

Gina said...

Absolutely every right to be cross Maggie... and I have to add it's not a magazine I was very impressed with. I only saw the first issue but I wouldn't buy another!

carlos sousa said...

beautiful blog!

Wabbit said...

You do have every right to be upset with Flair. An article with your byline is pretty far beyond an excerpt! I'd be on the phone to Batsford to get details on what they gave permission to use and to suggest that Flair has infringed your copyright. At the very least, they have used your name to make their magazine appeal to more readers rather than to recommend your book to their readers. They have a nerve.

Off to try the Photoshop instructions and see if I do better than I did with Paint Shop. I'm being penalized for updating my software! ;-))

Aussie Jo said...

Hmmm the magazine sounds like cheapskates to me, using excerpts instead of paying for a proper article. I'd also be on to the publisher to send a letter off to them.
Great effects on photoshop.

Heather said...

You are certainly not over-reacting and I would be furious in your position. They should pay you a fee for using your material. I think that's a really dirty trick. Good luck with your digital designs, they always look so good. It would take me so long to learn how to operate computer that I'd be too worn out to do the textile bit, and that's what I like best.

Doreen G said...

And angry you should be Maggie--did they think that you would never fund out.
I think that Batsford should be told what has happened because even though they give permission for people to use your book-- I think that they will be surprised to see what this magazine has done.

hippopip said...

I am not surprised you are annoyed isnt it infringing copyright? or is it considred OK as they put your name to it.I think Diana`s idea is great,thanks for the tutorial on layers I am off for a play

Julie said...

Maggie, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. There is no need for any apology.

I will have to have another go with Elements. I tried to duplicate layers the other day but went wrong somewhere.

JaneO said...

I think you are right to be cross - they should make it clear at the beginning of the article that it is an excerpt, or readers who subsequently buy your book might be miffed to find it repeated.

Helen Suzanne said...

You're quite right! That is outrageous. Quoting an exert from a book is not the same as making an entire article from the books text. An exert is a couple of wee paragraphs!!!!
Go get em Maggie... you'll have a whole host of bloggers backing you up if you need us. Batsford should be aware that we are their customers and do not approve.

Writer in Residence said...

Dear Maggie, Outrageous is right! As a writer I will not submit my work to any publication that does not pay. (You don't see the grocery store offering free groceries in exchange for "publicity" -- which is what some publications offer to writers.) The Flair Magazine web site invites contributions, but does not mention pay. In fact, by submitting to them you give them a royalty-free right to do whatever they want with your article (see "terms of use" on their site).
I hope you'll protest loudly to both Flair and Batsford, and ask for payment for your article. No harm in asking -- the worst they can say is no.
Yes indeed, we're behind you all the way.

Shelly said...

No, you are not overreacting. They are riding your coattails. Send a letter to the editor. Then it will be clear to readers the origin of the article. Sounds like they barely gave your book any mention. And you should let Batsford know your displeasure, too.

Wonderful layer work. Amazing your creativity, Maggie.


SewIknit2 said...

I think you have every right to be very cross, and its also not terribly fair on the magazine's readership, either to NOT get an original article, either!
You must let us know how it progresses.

Christine said...

Even if Batsford have copyright/contractual rights which allow them to allow this, surely it would have been courteous for either them or Flair to let you know beforehand what was planned? How long does it take to write an e-mail?
Call me a sweet old-fashioned thing (or a grumpy old woman, if you like!) but courtesy seems to be in short supply these days.
But I don't think you need to worry about your reputation, Maggie!



Sorry you've had such a sad week, and on top of that, been made to feel even worse by the magazine article.

I think the problem is partly the magazine and their lack of sufficient acknowledgment; they should have clearly stated that the whole article was from your book and then given you a huge advert next to it.

I feel it's more the fault of Batford for not finding out what the magazine was doing in detail, and then telling you about it before publication. Even if they had the right to do it, ie not seek your permission, it is very discourteous of them and they shouldn't upset such a well known and leading author in the field. Poo is what I say. Annabel

Diana said...

Oooh! A wee word of consolation, Maggie (am I allowed to make two comments to the same post?):

I've finally got round to reading the latest issue of the wonderful 'Cloth Paper Scissors' magazine which arrived several weeks ago (life is so crazy at present) and you and I are both in print! The Quilting Arts website ran a poll recently, asking readers to nominate their favourite art-related book, and why. Selected comments were printed in CPS - including mine. I said:

"My favourite would be 'Raising the Surface' by Maggie Grey because it covers so many different techniques and materials; the photos are exquisite and inspirational; and the text is lively and fun to read." Then it gives my name, and says I'm in the UK. If you get the magazine, it's on p12.

Hope that makes you feel a teeny bit better, perhaps...

Annette J said...

Maggie I took have had dealings with Flair magazine when I was asked to write an article for them on creating fabric postcards. When I tentatively mentioned the 'money' word I was told they would reimburse me for fabrics used if I really wanted them to!!! I no longer buy the magazine on principle.


Viv Estill said...

Hi Maggie
Really sorry to hear of your bad experiences with Flair magazine - I was foolish enough to take out a subscription with them once - they got details wrong and said it was because her daughter was young and young people get things wrong - then they charged for membership of a group and didn't follow it up - finally they had to refund everything and I got the impression it wasn't a new experience for them.
Seems to be run on a shoe string!!
Interesting to hear they've irritated other people - what they've done to you is outrageous though!

Mixed Media Martyr said...

I do think it's a cheek Maggie! Excerpts with comments is quite different to an article that looks like you have written it for the publication! You are quite entitled to stamp your feet and have a paddy!!!

gilby said...

Hi Maggie,
I do not think you are over-reacting. I would have been absolutley fizzing.
You have my full support in any further action you take.

Mavis said...

Hi Maggie
I've never heard of Flair and don't like the sound of them. You have every right to be angry.
I love the way you play with the layers on photoshop elements and I've been trying to do the same with a photo of mine. But I'm not exactly computer literate and cannot find out how to make a 'displacement map'. I've been all through the 'help' on elements and I'm even more confused. I've been on-line to Photoshop Elements Help and searched for 'displacement maps' but don't have a clue what they're talking about. Do you know where there is a simple explanation of how to make displacement maps? Or maybe someone reading your blog can tell me.
Cheers Mavis

chrissythreads said...

I think you have every right to be upset. They wouldn't be happy if WOW ripped off one of their articles would they? These publications need to realise a person's art and skill are their own property just as much as anything else and whatever contractual rights or practices may come from Batsford surely the magazine has heard of goodwill - they can't be fostering much of that if this is their usual proceedure.

Rosalind said...

I empathise totally with what you must be feeling. I too have had dealings with them and was left with a bad taste in my mouth. Like Annette I did an article (6 pages!)for them that took me a week to make and write up.
Like an idiot I presumed that there would be payment for the commissioned work. I got a copy of the magazine.
I wonder now about all the other "contributors".

Lorraine said...

Hi Maggie - You have every right to be very angry. Another reason to continue self publishing. I don't know Flair and obviously I don't want to. Love the layers and other tutorials and everything you do. You are a great treasure and so generous.

Mavis said...

Hi Maggie
It's Mavis again. After posting my previous comment I decided to go back through your blog. I've only been following your blog for a few months and obviously missed your postings about displacement maps. Anyway I found them and I have worked out how to make displacement maps, bit hit and miss but I'm getting there.
Cheers Mavis

Penny said...

angry you should be and probably by word of mouth they may go broke, if people are not prepared to do the right thing then what can they expect.

Heather said...

I've just read through the altered book free lesson and it looks such fun. I've several other things on the go at present so may start a bit later than others, but am really looking forward to it - thankyou so much Maggie - I hope we don't wear you out with our insatiable greed!! Heather.