Tuesday, 21 April 2009

catalogue 3 -one step forward

Hi folks

Had a bit of a giggle about all your catalogue tales - especially the new form of composting. Glad you are enjoying the ride and thanks to those who put their name down to be told when the great book launch give away is happening. That is getting even more exciting, as Lynda and Carol are joining in the give away.

Excuse me not doing individual comments but I have just grabbed five minutes for a catalogue update. I can't tell you how frantic it is getting both WoW and Quiltwow ready at the same time as editing two books. I am running on caffiene and not much sleep - I will pay later.

So looking forward to the Regional Day and to meeting up with Jackie. It will be like a holiday and I am not going to collect emails while we are away. We are going on Friday and plan to call in to the embroidery exhibition at Ramster Gardens in Surrey on the way home on Sunday. If you haven't been, do try it - not just lots of lovely stitch to look at, but a wonderful garden and the cakes in the tea-room...... I have two pieces in the show which is a bit of an accident as they are my new Celtic pieces and that is what my talk is based on next weekend. Whoops. I have loads of other stuff to show so don't think they will be missed. The web address is http://www.ramsterweddings.co.uk/events/

Now to catalogue 3, which I thought was nearly finished. I sneaked away from the desk last week and met up with three of my bestest friends, Jane, Ellie and Sue. We had a lovely lunch and then they looked at the catalogues. I don't usually inflict my work on my friends, but Jane had asked to see them and, as she is a great paper person with a good eye, she sorted out the latest one. This is what I planned.

Much the same as when you last saw it but more colour on the top - I sprayed it with Starburst Stains and added two beady bits that I made with Val.
The bottom bit had two Celtic knotty bits (ooh good, I can take it to the talk) made from Hearty type clay. Here's a detail.
I love the way this has worked and plan to do more of this combining Hearty with WS paper.

However, the gang (designing by committee) didn't like the bottom bit and Jane thought it would be better if the top was rotated - as above. I think she is right and I proposed a cruciform shape with this as the top. I shall cut up my last catalogue to make the upright - see below. It's great to have a second opinion - at the last Beyond Stitch meeting Sue transformed the piece I was working on - it was much better when she'd finished. Hope she's not going to demand a share of the book royalties! I'll buy you lunch instead, Sue!

Back as soon as possible, hopefully with a completed Cat 3.


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

The colors are getting more and more scrumptious! And love the rotation - like a lily.

Frances said...

I went to Ramster today and saw your pieces. I specially liked the vessel.
Enjoyed the gardens as well but did have to pass on the woodland walk after it mentioned "not suitable for the infirm" - after the chocolate cake that would have been a step too far!

MargaretR said...

These catalogues you killed are coming to life beautifully and as Beverley said, the colours are getting more and more scrumptious. You deserve a little rest after all this hard work Maggie.

Heather said...

Those colours are just gorgeous and I love the Hearty Clay bit. I have just ordered some molding mats so hope I like the designs I sent for - they weren't too clear on the laptop. Don't work too hard even if you are enjoying it.

Fulvia Luciano, artist said...

I had this by-line occur to me while reading this update: "News from the Compost Files." Or should it be "piles"???

Julie said...

I agree the colours are beautiful and there is so much detail to look at. I'm ashamed to say my catalogues smelt too much so I have to start again.

:Diane said...

I haven't added any color to my phone books. I didn't disinfect them either. I just brushed them off and coated them with Mod Podge liberally. This captured all the dust and dirt and has made them crumble proof. Good thing as I am cutting them into 9-patches and sewing buttons and stuff onto them for a sorta, kinda quilt effect.

Genie said...

Beautiful colours. have made a start so still WIP.hope to have a play later today,

Karen said...

Looking forward to your talk on Saturday. It would be good to see the 'bottom half' of catalogue 3 if you are able to bring it. I agree, the colours are gorgeous.

Wabbit said...

They look scrumptious!

I finally did my experiment and posted about it to the group. I've been instructed not to put any more paper in the dishwasher as a result and the washing machine is under the same restriction. I may be forced to "accidently" leave something in a pocket! In the meantime, I've got a yummy piece of killed catalog sitting here waiting for it's turn. I'm thinking about Hearty Clay and the Sherrill Kahn rubber stamps I've got.

You and Clive look great in the photo Jackie took of you at the exhibit.