Thursday, 14 January 2010

What's on your Wall?


This is what I had for Christmas from Fiona – she knows I have a thing about Buddhas. He does look handsome on the mantelpiece. In fact, this view of the fireplace wall had me thinking about how much I value the art on my walls.

It’s also led me to thinking about how incestuous textile art sales are – we all buy each other’s work. Yvonne Morton sits on the end of the mantle and the piece in the pic above is called Salt Mines 1 by Laura Kelmshall. This is one of Jane Wild’s amazing books displayed as a hanging.




My Sue Macarthur is a precious piece, purchased when I curated a small exhibition for the K&S some years ago.


This wonderful Gwen Hedley work, Metal Plate 1 (below), is inspired, as the title suggests, by a photograph of a rusty plate and the making of it is described in the free taster issue of Workshop on the Web I borrowed it for an exhibition and couldn’t part with it.



Here's Yvonne again - and do you like my new curtains?

It’s a good thing that Clive is as keen as I am or I might feel guilty about spending the money!

I think we should all show what we have on our walls on our blogs – like an open house exhibition.

Ear’s a sad story

Came down from the office this morning to find a trail of Smudge – like this.....

........ and this

...then this – a torn ear and a sad cat. Fighting again.


You might think that this is red-eye from the flash but I know it is a burning desire for revenge.

On the other hand perhaps building up strength might be a better strategy.

He seems to have recovered after having his wounds dressed and spending the afternoon on the bed.


Gina said...

I'm just the same and have lots of other poeple's textile art on my walls. Might just have to blog about it now! Hope Smudge recovers soon - that looks very painful.

pascale said...

Poor Smudge, but who was his sparring partner? Good idea to organize a "blog exhibition".

Julie said...

Ouch! Poor Smudge or had he provoked someone? I like your idea of a home art exhibition, I'll see what I can do. happy New Year if I haven't said it already.

Heather said...

I have a piece by Jan Beaney on our living room wall - my most prized possession and a special treat from my husband. I have another piece of work by a friend and then things I have made but no-one wanted to buy from various exhibitions! It seemed a shame to pack them away. Most of the wall space is given over to paintings by an aunt and my grandfather. I don't do minimalist!! Poor Smudge, hope his ear soon heals. A sleep on the bed cures all sorts of ailments.

Robin Mac said...

Poor smudge, hope he is better soon, and that he has learned his lesson! I think it is super that you have so much textile art on your walls, I look forward to seeing what others show on their blogs - I have lots of my sister's wonderful watercolours, as well as a couple of my creations. Cheers, Robin

Aussie Jo said...

I love your piece of "Sue Macarthur".
I tend to collect art of unknown people, just pieces that are striking/unusual/interesting colours or textures.
So, is Smudge the instigator or the victim???

Jackie said...

how interesting to see your walls. I have a lot of bits and bobs I've bought from other textile Artists. I wish I had a Sue McArthur. I often wonder what the next generation will do with these things, how will they be valued in the future?
No matter how handsome (or expensive) cats are, you can't take the tiger out and they always fight.
He's gorgeous.

antony said...

Maggie Totally unrelated to your current blog.... butI am in search of a supplier for builders scrim exactly as you showed your cat playing with in a photo on an earlier blog!!! Can you help by telling me where I can buy the stuff? my email address is Thanking you in anticipation Jane

Becky Vigor said...

Love the idea of showing the art on our walls. I'll definitely join in with that one, and, again, you may notice some of that incestuous tendency creeping in!

Poor old Smudge! Hope he recovers soon :)

Lynn said...

Hi Maggie
I have sent you an email with a picture of my mantle piece. Poor kitty.