Monday, 8 March 2010

Give-away Results

Thank you all so much for those lovely comments, very inspiring. I shall tease you first by showing some more collagraphs.

Here are a few of my prints.


This one (below) is just put through with hardly any paint. The inpression is very deep and I am going to stroke pastels over it to add colour.


Pasta machines can be purchased from Amazon for about £15 but possibly better to buy a slightly more expensive one. Hard to send it back if it breaks when it is covered in paint. Top tip: be sure to wipe most of the paint off the plate.
In the pic below, I have collaged my prints together in a deep box frame and used it for a background. I'm building a line of stitched and cast shapes over the top. The 'fossil' shapes in the collagraph are actually lace motifs.

Here is a detail of the fish. I love the texture from this technique, which is in my next book so I am going to be mean and not tell you until after publication!
There is always someone to consult with on design matters in this house.
Haven't been able to reply to everyone but here are some thoughts on your comments.
Kerry - sorry but I'm not not teaching in the UK this year - Italy is my only venue - still a few places left on what looks like an exciting adventure. Details at

Amanda - Italy requirements list coming up soon but I think that, between us, the organisers and I are bringing most things.
I bought my machine to use with polymer clay, too, Elaine and that was good.

Ooh Wabbit - rolling copper shim over a collagraph. Must try that.
Ferinn. Casj, and Linda - a mangle would be great and I'm looking for one. Might also get the woodworking son-in-law on the case - sure he could make one.

liniecat - can quite understand getting fed up with eating out. I am always so glad to get home and cook after a long trip abroad.

Teresa - I'm so glad the firstborn is safe but no plans for Oz this year - maybe next year -Lexa - who knows about Canada but no plans just now.

Erica - great news - keep going with the class.

Lee - give my love to Lynn, you'll havea great time

Ta da!!!

Now to the draw: Fiona selected the winners by pointing at a list during an early morning pop-in.

......and the winner of the quilt below is - just like the oscars, isn't it? France, who is in Quebec, I think?


Here are winners of the give-away packs. Let me have your snail-mail addresses folks.

iam inspired

Don't forget to pop a little bit in a charity box, folks. My donation will take the form of covering the cost of the postage!


Julie said...

Congratulations to all the winners! Your collagraph results are fascinating and thank you for the Amazon tip :o)

Amanda Sheridan said...

If anyone reading this is undecided about going to Italy to do Maggie's course, can I urge you to just book it. I went there last year and the villa is simply amazing and the courses well worth the money. I can't wait to go again!

Marie-Aimée said...

congratulations to the winners

Wabbit said...

You could try checking thrift and charity shops for pasta machines. I bought mine for US $15 at a store that specializes in selling overstock from other stores.

I am thinking about trying to use some of that very thin metal intended for embossing tools. My pasta machine already has Fimo clay on it. How could paint hurt?

Congratulations to the winners.

Heather said...

I love your prints and the piece of work resulting from them Maggie. The textures and colours are wonderful. Can't wait for the next book. You can't go wrong with Smudge to advise you! Congrats. to all the lucky winners.

ferinn said...

I never win anything,I'm so pleased!I love your embossed sample ,must try to get going I did a short course on experimental print last year.

... Paige said...

congrats to y'all,

and my beloved will wonder what I'll do with a pasta machine :0

Anonymous said...
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gilby said...

very excited to discover that i had been lucky in the give-away, looking forward to receiving it.
Good you tell me which acrylic printing medium you use for your collagraph prints.

gilby said...

ignore good and substitute could.

Wabbit said...

I decided to Google for clothes wringers and came across this alternative. It's a wringer for towels for car detailing! You might look to see if they're sold in the UK.

linda stokes said...

Oh the excitement! I rarely win anything so this is lovely.

Your new collagraph prints look
great too.

The WestCountryBuddha said...

Well, that's a fun thing to do! You're a bit like Delia you know....she only has to mention cranberries or walnut pesto and the supermarkets have a run on them; here's betting that Amazon run out of pasta makers!!

is a link I found with some instruction for printing collagraphs, but I guess you just scale it down when using a pasta machine? I love the mangle idea from Wabbit too.

liniecat said...

Oh Wow! Whoop....whoop....whoop ...
Just catching up with blog feeds before making comment on my own and saw my name in print here and that I had won a gifty, Thankyou SO much Maggie!

I have finally moved back home tonight, no ground floor furniture till tommorow but am thrilled to be back at home.
Mind you the electrician didnt think to wire up my cooker and hob, and one of the kitchen sockets doesnt work. So they are sending him on sunday morning to sort those for me........but what a treat to be home and to have won a gift besides!
Purse and debit card at the ready to donate to a worthy cause.... thankyou xx
I got my pasta maker from Ikea way back when, but I cant wait to try the collograph technique with it, such a neat idea. I have never seen one in a charity shop yet but think 'Lakeland' shops/online have them, though they are no longer as cheap as when Polymer Clay Guild advocated us to buy them to blend clays to perfection!
(.......... now what a useful thing to be left in a will eh?!)