Thursday, 23 September 2010

Nearly Book Time

The book is almost here - another week or so should do it. It will be a close call for the Knitting & Stitching Show and Michael will probably have to bring me a couple of boxes up to Ally Pally but it should be there at some stage of the show. In the meantime here are a couple of spreads - it's looking good.



I am having a free draw and the prize will be this technique sketch book for those on the 'Let me know' list for the book. Just go to and click on the Mixed Media: New Studio Techniques book cover and then click 'let me know' to contact Fiona and put your name down. No obligation to buy.
The book is about techniques for distressed surfaces using metal thread, dissolvable film, zappy felt and much more - as you can see.




It rather hurts to part with it but I think that only things that you like should be given as prezzies.


I haven't quite finished with the flower stitcher so there's more next time. Have to go now as Aussie boy is here on a visit and we are taking him to see the prospective new abode. That is going well and we are all aiming to complete the deal towards the end of October so the threat of coming home from the show and moving next day has, thankfully, receded.


Su said...

Can't wait to see the book. Am also looking forward to my 1st visit to the K and S show this year.


julie said...

Can't wait to see new book Maggie - how hard you work! Hope you get settled in new house in time for a relaxing Christmas break. I took some of my stitching - mostly inspired by you, to our Quilt Group and think I've enthused more of us but what do we call ourselves? Mixed media experimental stitchers/artists/whatever? I find it hard to call myself an artist when it feels like just having immense fun - the best (well, almost!) since childhood. Its so good to find others to share it with, despite the glazed looks of the uninterested (How can they be?)

Heather said...

That first spread has me drooling - I need it NOW! What a generous giveaway your sketchbook is. Glad things are going OK with the house and hope your commitments will allow you to move in a fairly stressless fashion! Thanks for the postcard.

gilby said...

The new book looks very exciting and i can not wait to see a copy How do you manage to fit it all in.
Pleased to hear the house sale is going well .I shall be at the K&S show on the thursday and friday and will try to come and say hello we have met before but many years ago it was at a course i did with you in Thirsk.

MargaretR said...

It looks very exciting Maggie, especially as I have a course booked with Isobel Hall in October.

Robin Mac said...

The book looks sooooo exciting and I have put my name down for it. How on earth do you manage to get ready to move to a new house in the middle of all this? I feel exhausted just thinking about it. Hope everything goes well. Cheers, Robin

bohemiannie! art said...

I'm so happy that you've got a new book coming out!

Jensters said...

The book looks great....i shall be buying it.

Genie said...

Hi Maggie
met Isobel today at the show,
shame the book didn't make it.
good luck with your move.