Monday, 20 June 2011

If it's Monday....

Had a little blog break due to excessive travel. In a week we did a talk at a Regional Day in Yorkshire (good fun but very small screen), went to the last ever Windsor exhibition (so sad but Jan and Jean were in good form) and then gave a talk to a delightful branch in Banbury. Just getting our breath back before it's the Madeira lecture in Wolverhampton on Saturday.


It's good to see such a positive response to the Guild these days. They really do seem to be sorting themselves out and the Vice Chair gave a good talk in Yorkshire (although I do wish the Guild head office folk wouldn't use jargon - the phrase 'delivery of service' always reminds me of the post office rather than stitch). However, they are taking the members seriously at last and we all want them to recover - it would be a great loss otherwise.

Windsor felt very sad, such a small exhibition this year. Here's a pic of some ofthe diploma work - those sample books are excellent. Can't show many pics as I forgot to ask permission.



Do you remember my silly bird brooches?


They sold really well at last year's Knitting and Stitching show so I am making some for the Festival of Quilts. At Maggie Hills' suggestion, I am also trying foppish frogs. Love his crossed legs.


Good to have a small portable project although I'm not sure they are cost effective with all the hand stitching. However they are fun and with all this travelling I haven't had time to do any precious books.


Last week was further complicated by the arrival of many scratched tiles from Fired Earth. They had to go back, so the tiling has been held up. The blinds are fitted and looked rather plain so I'm sewing little buttons on the border.


Comments on comments:

Thanks for all the positives about the books. I hope to show you one next blog.

Kim - about needles: when I was editing the Embroidery magazine someone wrote in about a French nun who had a mamogram and they found six needles in one boob! I think they left them there. So beware!

Virginia - congrats on your Diploma and keep wearing the bird. As you can see above the range has been extended.

Good to hear from you Gill. Tell everyone about Workshop on the Web - good for all those without access to classes and we have articles from Ken Smith, famous Tassie resident, from time to time.


Heather said...

The trip to see the Windsor exhibition was the highlight of the year for me during C&G. I can't imagine it not taking place any more. So many changes.
The frog is a great design and such fun - I love him.
The little buttons stitched on the blinds are the perfect trim.

liniecat said...

Great little froggy pin, they must surely sell well! Maggie I have unsubscribed from Chezgrey yahoo group because I was getting some dubious invites from salubrious women folk!( and I just not interested gals sorry lol)
Id like to rejoin but if your yahoo security has been breached maybe others getting invites too?
Take care

Stitcher said...

Just wondering, why is there no more Windsor exhibition?

kim said...

I would agree the visit to the Windsor exhibition was one of the highlights of my trip to England several years ago. I always wanted to return to see it again.

Sharon W. said...

Thank you for posting responses to comments in a separate section. It may be a silly reaction, but I was always put off by the stream of personalized messages which began your blogposts. I found them to have little meaning except to the individuals involved, and even felt "left out" or excluded. As a result, I often ignored the rest of the entry. With this new format, we can all enjoy your general comments, and the "inner circle" can move to the end. Thanks!

gilby said...

Sorry to hear about the Windsor exhibition.Love the bird and frog pins i missed them at the Knitting and Stitching show last year,i will make sure i buy one of each at the Festival of Quilts in august.

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

Agree that it was very sad to be at the last Windsor exhibition. Have really enjoyed my time there as a student and was blown over by the support from Dawn when I moved overseas. I am sure that they will carry on the tradition at Bracknell.

Love the pins by the way.

julieB said...

Just skimmed through blogs since Feb Maggie - Haven't been able to look for months - my dear old husband Dan died on 7th May & I'm just surfacing from under everything! Such a sad time, but I posted off the probate forms yesterday & now begin to see faint lights at the end of the tunnel. I think having so much to deal with helps. So its Onward & Upward with the help of lovely son & daughter, kind neighbours, friends, Humphrey the dog & I hope sewing again! I shall be inspired by your blogs & all the comments: what a boon a good hobby is & sewing people seem particularly warm & friendly.

Alex said...

The frog is fab - his bulging bead eyes are perfect!