Monday, 5 December 2011

The Christmassy Edition

A lot has been happening here, as usual. It's a good thing that, thanks to the economic situation, I can't afford to retire! Sorry about the rant - I don't really want to hang up my needles yet, but it's annoying to sees one's little 'pot' disappearing.

The Lynda Monk book has been a great hit and I'm so pleased. Apart from being so creative, she is such a delight to work with.

The Christmas season always starts for me with the Stanpit Christmas party. This is held in the hall where most of us local stitchers learned our craft through City and Guilds courses. Sadly, these haven't run for a while, but the party has continued, currently organised by my Beyond Stitch Group. Maureen Beale has been the driving force - a fantastic job she has done, too - but circumstances have forced her to give up. Luckily, one of the other local groups is going to take it on, so it will continue. It must have been going for about thirty tyears and is always such fun.

This year we had Ruby Lever as speaker and she was just great. Look at her lovely work.




Don't you just love the tassels?


This made us feel very Christmassy so yesterday Clive and I set to, to wrap up the presents. We lit the fire in the baked bean can, put some Chrissy music on the ipod and off we went.

Clive does the wrapping and Smudge and I get in the way.



Smudge was disappointed to find that he no longer fits in a plastic bag - even the outsize ones. He used to disappear in them and then scoot round the room at a great rate of knots.


He had that look on his face that I had when I tried my Christmas glad-rags out the other day, 'I really must go on a diet!'

He has become something of a local character due to his fondness for dogs. As we live on a dog-walking route, he gets to see a lot of them and has made special friends with a Saint Bernard and a Labrador. Luckily they both like cats but it's funny to see him rubbing round them and we often have a little crowd of dog walkers gathered at our gate. He's such a show-off!

A Flickr group is a great idea for Lynda's free online classes, Wabbit. I'll get that going.

Sorry your birdie got 'roughed up' in the ;post, Heather. Is he OK? Do you need another one?


Heather said...

Lovely Christmassy post Maggie. My Birdie is fine and it needed just a little persuasion to get the pin to work properly - I think it had been stepped on.
It's good that your group will be able to continue - it is so sad when they have to close down.
Smudge looks very pleased with his 'efforts' at present wrapping - you'll have to buy larger gifts to get larger bags for him!!
Those tassels are so sumptuous.

Alex said...

Your baked bean can looks delightfully Christmassy. I'm almost getting in the mood. :o)

Diane said...

I received my Fabulous Surfaces the day we went away for a few days. I was able spend my time reading it while husband Brian did the driving. I did give him a break occasionally!! What a wonderful book - very full of ideas. I love your baked bean can all lit up. Makes the room look welcoming.

Wabbit said...

The baked bean can comment made me laugh but it does look lovely all lit up. Happy that you liked my suggestion. I enjoy being helpful.

Aussie Jo said...

My Fabulous surfaces is on its way, just in time for some playing around in the long summer break. I love that pom pommy tassel, very appropriate!!! Happy xmas Maggie and Clive

Edwina Sutherland said...

There's nothing like a christmas party with long-time friends, especially stitchery ones