Friday, 10 August 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

Have had my nose buried in a mountain of work for the last couple of weeks. Serves me right for going on holiday before we had finished September Workshop on the Web. Began to ge a bit miz, but then the sun came out and I thought of the following reasons to be cheerful:

  • Sneaky day off with the family - lovely picnic at Avon Forest Park
  • September Workshop on the Web looks fantastic
  • Hand was signed off at hospital
  • Finished putting two new talks together for the Festival of Quilts next week
  • The girls gave me an amazing stork for my birthday. He is made from recycled metal - see below and right
  • Buying of aforementioned stork meant another day out to a National Trust house

  • Day out at National Trust House meant coffee and scones


Heather said...

Your garden looks beautiful and the stork is amazing - he looks very much at home.
Glad you have cheered up and it's good to have all that work behind you now, instead of nagging you each day.

liniecat said...

Hes a magnificent guy to have loitering in the garden!
What a great gift.
And doesnt the garden look smashing!

dorothypandorasbox said...

You new abode is looking so posh now that there is little need to go visiting other people's gardens! :-)
Pleased to hear that the paw has bee deemed fit for purpose again. Well done.

Robin Mac said...

That stork is absolutely magnificent and a wonderful excuse to visit a National Trust garden, especially when you can feast while you are there! Glad the hand is signed off now, Cheers

Maggi said...

Wonderful stork and your garden looks so good particularly considering the short time that you have been there.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

What does Smudge think about the stork lurking in his garden??? What a great gift.
Best wishes
Maggie (the other one)

JP said...

love the stork - clever children!! - enjoyed your holiday blogs - we went to Pittenweem for the Art Festival - great fun - good luck at FOQ

jeanil alonso said...

Your garden looks simply spectacular. I bet it looks magical at night. I'm totally awed by it.
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Wabbit said...

The stork is gorgeous! I love photos of people's gardens, perhaps because it is too hot and dry for anything to grow here without being very xeric or very well irrigated.

I noticed yesterday that Sherill Kahn is going to be doing a workshop here in Phoenix in March of 2013. I hope I manage to get registered for it as I've been a fan of her's for ten years.

Congratulations on officially making it all the way through rehabilitation successfully!

Kekoa Pika said...

Thanks for pointing that out. There will always be reason for us to be cheerful. The stork is so gorgeous! I should have one too in my garden.

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