Thursday, 27 June 2013

A Very Special Offer

We have a fabulous offer for new subscribers to Workshop on the Web. A free copy of Lynda Monk and Carol McFee’s book, Stitching the Textured Surface for everyone who signs up in the next few weeks. We will even pay the postage. Of course you will also enjoy four issues of Workshop on the Web with all our great tutors.

We do need to add more subscribers quickly or WoW will be in danger. I am aware that this offer seems unfair to existing members but we explained to everyone why we were doing it and they have all been so good and understanding. Our subscribers have really got behind us and told everyone about this great offer, through Facebook and blogs. If you can help us with ‘The Big Push’, that would be lovely.

I have been slacking a bit lately. We have had new windows in the front rooms and all the clobber has been stored in my workshop. A good excuse to gad about, so yesterday it was lunch with Jane Wild, Elli Woodsford and Izzy Deem. I meant to take a photo but was overtaken, first by the catch-up chat and then by the wine. We did have a giggle, though.

The guys have now finished the windows and I have no excuse so I am getting ready for my trip to Gawthorpe Hall in Lancashire. If anyone remembers their City and Guilds history, this is home to the amazing Rachel Kay Shuttleworth collection of textiles.

They do lots of good workshops and I am booked for two seminars, under the rather embarrassing title of ‘An Audience with Maggie Grey’. I have told Clive to dust off the Popemobile!

I am giving two different talks – Visible/ Invisible which looks at some exciting concepts on themes of inspiration and stitch in addition to the obvious ones of water and heat soluble techniques. The next day is based on Faces and Places, which covers both of these inspirational devices, again with lots of technique ideas. I have some new movies to show techniques and after the talk we will run these and look closely into the possibilities that they offer. I am really looking forward to this aspect – something a bit different for me.

Both talks will look at using metal (different aspects on different days). 

I am currently working with paper and metal. This piece features hand stitching, others will show mixed media and machine stitch.

If you can get to Lancashire the seminars are on the 27th and 28th of July. Book soon at

This is the last time that my abode will look like this at the rear. 

Work on the conservatory starts tomorrow and we have had to clear one of the flower beds to make room. Sadly, this ex-camellia had to go.

The builders will remove the rest, we hope. The other plants were re-homed in a new bed and seem to have recovered.

We are also involved in ferrying about a grandson doing work experience on a dairy farm. You can just about see him here, getting the cows in for milking. 

It is quite a drive from here so the whole family have been roped in for two weeks of transporting. He is loving it but the smell in the car on the homeward trek is quite some thing and I think Clive will not want the wellies he lent him returned!.


Aquarius said...

What a brilliant offer - have subscribed as it would be a shame to see WOW disappear.

Heather said...

Tell Clive his wellies have been properly christened! That's a good healthy country smell.
Your seminars sound wonderful and I hope you'll be wearing a posh hat for your 'audience with'!! I love the metallic pieces and do hope WoW will survive - it is excellent value for £20 and so enjoyable.

Diane said...

I am at a quilt show in 2 weeks time I will make up some flyers for WOW and hand them out if you would like me to. I have a small stall for the weekend. I just need your permission to use your WOW logo .

Wabbit said...

I love the garden pics, thank you!
Love, Wabs

Angela said...

Hey Maggie
I love being a subscriber to WOW. I always look forward to the interesting articles. I have posted about it on my blog in effort to help the cause!