Monday, 15 July 2013

Piece for Perth

First of all, millions of thanks to all of you who have been publicising Workshop on the Web for us. Subs had sunk dangerously low but, thanks to everyone's efforts (and a good initiative in the form of a give-away), we are looking much healthier now. I would hate to let the quality of workshops slip. As you know, I believe I paying for good stuff and, from your comments, you all appreciate this.
We are having a giveaway for all our wonderful subscribers. I wish we could send you all a free book but we will have lots to give away. More details in a couple of days.
I have finally finished my piece, on the subject of journeys, for Dale's Perth show. I made a variety of the long diary and called it Scandi Scribblings: Kingdom for a Norse. It went together quite well and I enjoyed making it. Here is a detail. Lots of hand stitching.

This is the whole piece. It Is based on our wanderings around Copenhagen and Stockholm last year. Made me want to go back. Anyway, it went off to Dale last week, so I hope it is in time.

The conservatory is nearly there. Since I took this photo they have finished the glazing and the electrician is coming tomorrow and the plasterer on Thursday. Hooray. Then I am away a lot so the final job - floor tiling - will have to wait until August.

It is much bigger than I thought it would be and I'm pleased about that. I hope the weather cools down a bit or it will be too hot to use! It has a fancy heat reflecting roof, which helps a lot but it is still quite hot in there. We saw a portable air con on special at B&Q and got it for the conservatory but, with the current heat-wave, it is doing sterling work in the living room. Not that I'm complaining but it's hard to get down to any work.


Heather said...

I'm not complaining but the only way I can enjoy this weather is from inside the house! I waited so long to feel warm but find it hard to cope with extreme heat.
Your Perth piece is beautiful and I hope it arrives safely - it is sure to be well received.
The conservatory is already looking great and it will be so lovely to sit there when the weather is too cool outside. Your summer will be extended.

Amanda said...

Lovely piece, I'm sure Dale will be thrilled.

The conservatory looks great too. Most of the year they great things but I suppose we can't moan about this sun now it's finally arrived. I hope Smudge has been good during construction and not left any messages in the builders sand.

Downunderdale said...

Look forward to it arriving Maggie - just got to finish my own!


gilby said...

Stunning piece of work.

gilby said...

Stunning piece of work.