Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Cuttings, Clippings and Prizes

Just grabbing the moment to update you on current preoccupations. Just back from four wonderful days at The Kingcombe Centre in deepest Dorset. Our group meets three times a year, just to stitch, chat, eat, chat, draw, chat and explore the lovely countryside. I can really recommend it - good accommodation and wonderful grub. The chef is a real foodie. They have a special offer for groups in Jan, Feb and March. www.kingcombe.org

I got on really well with my piece based on metaphors. It was going to be an installation, a strip wound round poles, but the strip was a little too wide. I liked it just as it was, so will make two more for a hanging.  The pole will come later.

Not  a great pic but you get the idea.

I can't understand why I haven't played with my cutting machine thingie before. It has only been used as a collagraph press in the past. There are some great dies out there to use with it.

I had to ask the lady in Hobbycraft how to use them as I really couldn't remember - how lame is that?

There was a spectacular happening at one point  at Kingcombe when a large pot of gesso slid off the table, onto my lap and then down to the floor. I stood there dripping until rescued by my mates and by the time I had changed my trousers they had done most of the mopping up. Thank god it wasn't carpet.

I combined a leafy die with a rather naff looking flowery one - it is surprising what can be done with them. 

You can see some of the shapes here.

I hope to get back to working on the piece today as we have to get the material for the book on cutters ready for January - hoping for launch in March. 

I need a snappy title - anyone got any good ideas? It is based on a wide range of cutting techniques from scissors to die cutters (with a brief dalliance on laser cutters). Might find a prize for the best idea.

It is full steam ahead on our current d4daisy book on six great textile artists. It is back from the designer and we are just working on the final edits - see below. It is looking fantastic. 

Put your name down on our 'let me know' list (no obligation to buy) and you will have yet another chance for a prize. We can also give you details, when we launch, of a fabulous free on-iine workshop with a celebrity tutor - even if you don't buy the book. www.d4daisy.com

Finally here is a record breaking cyclamen plant. It has been flowering like this since the beginning of August. It must love the conservatory as much as I do.                                      


Samantha Packer said...

I love the die cutting Maggie. When we started using one at our Stitch group, it was like we'd invented the wheel...

dorothypandorasbox said...

Love this new work Maggie. I shall have to play more along those lines with my Silhouette and Big Shot machines.
I prefer the former really as the dyes for the big shot are so expensive and one can only use them so many times before boredom sets in. the big shot was a present though so I do use it.

Heather said...

I think one of my daughter's has a cutting machine like that - ummm. I do like what you have done with yours.
I always get plastered with gesso and have a gessoed cardigan which is no long for best!
Those four days sound perfect.

Maggie Grey said...

I had a gessoed leg, too. It soaked right through my trousers. Bin fodder, I fear.

Denise Vitola said...

Hi Maggie--What about The Cutting Edge as a title for your upcoming book?

Robin in WNC said...

Love you cyclamen, but also love the pitcher plant in the pot next to it. I think they both love the room.

Amanda said...

I've been covered in meths but not quite gesso. Yet.

What ever you teach us to do with our cutting kits, and I have a formidable number of scissors here and a Sizzix on the way, it would be A Cut Above the Rest.

Suztats said...

Maggie what about Snippets as a title?

Cobi said...

I wish I had such neat machines. I love your work and your cyclamen. The usually do well with me too. also I want to add my two cents: "cut your way into art"

Anonymous said...

Love the line-up for the new book on artist's personal approaches and techniques, and as for the book on cutting I think you will have to be careful to avoid a title that sounds like a hairdresser's!! How about Cut It Out!!

Suztats said...

Hi Maggi. What about Snippets for your title?

Aussie Jo said...

Love the effect, very aged, brings to mind the state of poor Miss Havisham in Great Expectations.
Also love a word challenge for the book title:
Incisive; Severely slashed; Slice and dice; Cuts both ways; A cut above; Quick cuts; Cut loose.
I could go on and on!!!!

Dee Priest said...

Nooooo! I'm going to leave my suggestions and walk away! Here we go: Sharp Practice, Snipwork, Cutting Edge, Texcut, IntricutTechniques, severed Threads/Fibres plus some suggestions from my husband that I will draw a veil over! Sigh. I will do some ironing to calm my brain down. Seriously I love the new work and think its a great idea for a book.

lynnefibreart said...

Sounds like a great subject for a book, looking forward to seeing it.
I have thought about getting one of these machine for printing purposes, but wasn't sure if it would work. Do you think it is a good alternative to a press?