Monday, 10 March 2014

Home again - briefly

Just back from a great trip to Jersey, courtesy of the Harbour Gallery's Jersey Textile Showcase. I went over to judge some of the competitions and it was a very hard task as the standard was so high.  Here are some of the winners - not great photos because of the reflection but you will see how high the standard was..

Naomi Renouf has written for Workshop on the Web in the past and her work is as good as ever.  Endlessly fascinated by the landscape of her island, she still manages to produce something different every time.

Lisa Bloomer's work was a winner under the Mixed Media category. She screen prints most successfully on everything from silk paper to brown wrapping paper. I love this one which uses minimal stitch but makes that stitch such an important part.

Also - these lively dog studies - the one on silk paper was lovely, but I didn't get a close up - durrr.

This very interesting piece came from Victoria Goddard. When you look at the detail you will see why I chose her for the stitching award.

So many different techniques, skilfully applied so that each piece fitted and the overall effect was not 'bitty'.

After the Gala dinner - an excellent meal and luckily served in the hotel where I was staying as it was a very foggy night - a wonderful sunrise to greet. This was the view from my room.

Then it was off to judge the open competition in a local church. Some of the entries from schools were very good. This entry won the category for imaginative display. We  done L'abbe school.

This one really captured the essence of the theme - Festivals - as it looked at the Rio carnival. I didn't catch the name of the school but will try to come back and correct that.

It was such a lovely couple of days and even the flights were fun. Going over, I sat in the midst of a netball team and they were lovely girls. We had a real laugh. Coming back I bonded over a take-off fruit pastille (it was hard on the ears) with a very glam lady who worked for the teenage cancer trust. She was so committed and told me all the great initiatives they had in progress. Especially building units in hospitals for young cancer patients to avoid them going in the children's ward. If you are looking for a good cause, that is certainly a winner. Must think what we could do on WoW. We had a book challenge once for the tsunami victims - perhaps a sketchbook challenge could work for us.

I am now packing to go to Kingcombe with Textiles 21 for a relaxing few days of chatting, eating and stitching. Poor Clive will be abandoned again.


Amanda said...

It was good wasn't it! Fabulous weather most days and a great village. I know we went for the textiles but I really enjoyed seeing the talented artists and photography of Beaulieu Convent School. Huge amount of upcoming talent there.

Heather said...

Wonderful images of your time in Jersey. I've visited one or two of the other islands but not Jersey, unfortunately. It has obviously been a very enjoyable trip - no doubt Clive has a few treats for himself lined up during your absences even if only a spot of R and R.


I never tire of seeing all the wonderful textile/mixed media work going on, and this little collection is no exception. Have been fascinated by your Birch piece below - wonderful! xCathy