Thursday, 21 June 2007

The daily round, the common task - stops you stitching

I'm really beginning to see the point of this blogging - it's great to get your messages. I'm learning fast and can now go to your blogs and see who you are. Just like Friends Reunited!
Sarah Jayne - I'll be interested to see your embellished printout. I have to say that there'll be lots of embellishing in the I2S (Image to Stitch working title) book. Val and I were working together with this and some good stuff was emerging.

Helen from Canberra - sadly there are no plans to take the VCH exhibition to Australia. Not sure how the family would view it - we're keeeping them from her work with the K&S and they may want it back soon after. BTW I once spent what seemed like a week trying to get out of Canberra. My tiny mind couldn't cope with the circular road grid.

Anyway - to work. Yesterday was spent trying to catch up with the admin that had built up while we were away. I also made a start in unpacking the course stuff. If I don't put away the materials from the classes I can't get in my workroom, so that is a great incentive.

Some of todays excitements are visiting the accountant and having Clive take my photo for the Interweave web site. I think they have published Stitch, Dissolve, Distort in the USA - it's usually about a year behind the UK which causes all sorts of problems when retailers like Quilting Arts want to stock it early. Batsford won't wholesale to them because of messing up the co publishing deal. This book has gone well over here and I've been doing some follow up work with water soluble film.

There is an idea in the book for using machine wrapped cords to outline free machined motifs - you stitch them on before dissoloving. It gives good definition and makes a stronger line. I've now discovered that this technique works well with the Super film from the Soluble Film Co ( This dries to a very hard finish and makes this technique very suitable for jewellery and 3D pieces. There's a pic above.

I had a letter from Yvonne Morton today. She stitches the most wonderful textile pieces from silk felt that she makes herself. She's done some interesting things on the embellisher (on the embellish and stitch site). Other than that you won't find her on the web. We are both part of Wessex Textiles, an exhibiting group.

She has an unexpected exhibition at the Atrium Gallery, Bournemouth University, Thursday 19th July to Saturday 29th September (Mon-Sat 9-6). I know that Yvonne has lots of new work and it's a great chance to see her in this prestigious gallery.The piece below is a detail of 'Lean on Me',
Still have lots of links to put up and I promise I'll do it tomorrow. Especially Margaret R.


Carol said...

I am enjoying reading your blog Maggie, welcome to blogland.

Sue said...

Hi, Maggie,

Good to find your blog. I hope you continue to enjoy this new experience. I'll enjoy keeping up with your news on line.

Best wishes to you and Clive.

Nola said...

Thrilled to find your blog! I think it will be a great place, if you have the time to spare for it. Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to!

ominnimo said...

Just found you, this is new to me as well.
Loved the lecture in Dundee (I won your book in the raffle, it's great). Heard the workshop was a great success, I've seen one result and can't wait to see the rest. I'm sorry I missed it.
Good luck with the blog. Moira.

Carol said...

I love the stitching on solvy you have been doing. Very enjoyable read Maggie!

katelnorth said...

Welcome to blogland Maggie - a word of warning, if you ever had any spare time before, you'll find blog-reading sucks it all up - the minute you start following people's comments back to their own blogs and "meeting" them that way, and then following links in those blogs to other blogs - well, you get the picture! But it's also interesting and inspirational, which is all to the good...

Micki said...

Welcome to blogland. Look forward to keeping up with your goings on.

Sarah Jayne said...

If you have a look on my blog I've posted a photo of my dry stone wall hanging. I'd love to hear what you think.