Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Cyber Fyber

The Cyber Fyber exhibition is going great guns. Look at the link below for pics from the invited artists. Click to enlarge mine and you may see your message to me about blogging. If it didn't fit in BinaryHumanity it will be rolled up in a pigeon hole in the Digital Reliqary. I did use all of them.

I so wish that I could have got to the exhibition - wonderful work and all the postcards and ATCs are magic. My piece is below.

Jane Wild was papermaking at Beyond Stitch yesterday and I borrowed her buddha mould and made three face pieces.

I have an idea for a triptych piece for a blank spot on my dining room wall. Watch this space.

Thanks for all the New Year wishes. I was going to get all retrospective in my last blog and do a mini review of the highs and lows of the year but then Clive brought my tea in and now the moment has passed. Always easily diverted by food.

Julie - who could resist - it's bound to come in handy.

Hippoipi - Is that the mappa mundi cathedral? If so, then I've been there and loved it.

Did the liming wax Heather and it's lifted it. Good advuce.

Thanks for all the feedback on stuff, very useful. Anna - I'm quite determined to buy very little this year - apart from some Moonshadow Mists and other essential supplies.

Don't see Smudge as a 'growing out of it' sort of cat Judy. His latest exploit was to steal a large, wet sponge from my neighbour (who is a builder) and drag it in through the cat flap. I removed it , he brought it back and this went on all evening.

Gill - good resolution - I've been making more stuff lately - some for the exhibition and some for the online class. It's been a great excuse.

Olga - what a great idea - Ready, Steady, Stitch - must work out a way to do it. what about if we all went on-line together and made something? With a Yahoo group to post our step-by steps. Only problem is the timing as we're all stretched around the world.

Hey, Wabbit - another group for stuff? Possibly, or maybe something quite different - I have ideas.

Margaret - today I have no energy but a pain in the bum and leg. Good excuse for a bit of web surfing on the sofa,

Kate - I was thinking of adding some recycling elements to the 'stuff' book. We have a great resource locally - the scrap store. Last time I went I got loads of goodies, but another time it will have nothing to offer.

Must go now as Mr Tesco has arrived with the shopping - the bad bum/leg was a great excuse to order on line.


Julie said...

I get that bum/leg pain myself sometimes. I blamed it on the sofa and bought a new one (well, it was aged). I never thought of using it as an excuse to Tesco shop on the net!

Jane's Buddha mould is lovely. Is it available to buy or is it hers alone?

Jacquelines blog said...

It was so lovely to see Maggie. Beautiful piece. Happy New Year.

Genie said...

Hope your feeling better soon. love the Buddha, looking forward to next lesson on Catalogue killers, found my message, the finished piece is fabulous.

Heather said...

Can't believe I had the nerve to give you advice!! Glad it worked. I've just taken a look at the entries in the Cyber Fyber exhibition and they are amazing - what an experience to be able to see them all 'face to face'. Hope your aches and pains have faded, at least the temperature seems to have gone up a few notches. Love the buddha face idea.

Cathy Cullis said...

Hello Maggie, it is nice to come across your blog, via my online friend Gunnel Svensson. I've enjoyed reading your books and articles so it is good to read your entries here. I look forward to seeing what you create with the Buddha faces, intrigued:) best wishes Cathy

yvette said...

What a beautiful creation you made, the one above the budda.I'll follow the link..

Robin Mac said...

Hope you're feeling better now. Love the cyber Fyber piece. I have spent hours just looking at the exhibits online, fantastic exhibition.

Cheryl said...

Have just discovered your wonderful corner of the virtual universe. Love the exciting work and all the books. Could I email you?

ROUTES said...

very interesting work and great blog I will keep coming back!