Monday, 12 January 2009

Gary Rhodes

Thanks for all the comments - it's always so good to hear from you folks.

Genie - glad you found your comment. I used all the messages in one or other piece so everyone is there but maybe not easy to see - a bit like the internet, really.

Good to meet you Cathy and Cheryl - hope you drop in again.

Several people asked how I made the Binary Humanity piece and I found this photo of it at the half way stage.

The base is a piece of heavy Vilene with a black rubbish bag over the top. This is because I was stitching on metal shim and the white shows through if you stitch straight on the Vilene. I usually use black fabric but I was away from home and had to use what I could find, so this was the table cover. Then I glued on the cast paper (most of it made by Jane Wild, such a lovely friend) and did lots of machining to bed it in.

I painted the faces with Burnt Umber acrylic, then copper metallic wax. When this was dry, I floated some Golden liquid acrylics over the top to add colour.

My bum, leg etc. is better, thank you, and I am having a stitching week, starting tomorrow. Hooray. Just a little desk work to edit some Workshop on the Web stuff and I shall be making with the sewing machine for the last of the on-line classes, later this month. I have loved doing these and they've made some wonderful stuff. Here is a piec of Carol McFee's work. I haven't asked her but I'm sure she won't mind. Isn't it great?

Went out to a new Gary Rhodes place for lunch the other day and it was fabulous. I'll tell more next time but I must give yuu the conundrum of Clive's starter. It was a soft boiled egg with a crusty crunchy outside - perfect for soldiers inside (they were rocquefort soldiers, of course). The inside was perfect!! I'm puzzled.


Carol said...

Hi Maggie, I don't mind at all :)
I had Google Reader open on the laptop and it was on your post but I hadn't read it, I glanced to the side and did a double take LOL

Heather said...

Clive's starter sounds scrummy, and who would believe that a black bin bag could contribute to such a wonderful piece of work! I love Carol's piece too. So glad your pain-in-the-bum (and leg) has cleared up. It must have been miserable with all the cold weather as well.

Fibrenell said...

Thank you so much, Maggie, for sharing your techniques you used in you Binary Humanity piece - you're always so generous, and I appreciate your work all the more for understanding the process.

yvette said...

you are a kind giving person with beautiful work, I'm learning a lot just looking at the wonders you are showing here

Edie said...

This egg starter thing has got to be one of those things that don't travel across the pond well - I know what a soft boiled egg is, but with soldiers inside, you lost me! Can someone translate it for me, because it sounds yummy (anything with roquefort cheese sounds yummy to me....)

clueless across the pond

Judy said...


How lucky are you lunch at Garry Rhodes's, we used to watch him down here in Tassie when we had pay TV I just love how he handles food. Thanks for sharing how you put this piece together.

cowpaddocksjulie said...

Love your work in Binary Humanity, it is a truly jaw dropping piece. Thankyou so much for your wonderful blog it is very inspiring. I have just received your book and can't wait to get some time to play!