Monday, 2 March 2009

Quite a Week

Thanks for all the comments

Beverly - Catalogues. I've done one of each. There are no rules, really.

The snow drops are really quite breathtaking - I didn't include the long view which is quite amazing, just snowdrops as far as the eye can see.

Aussie Jo - there used to be a group over here called the Textile Tarts - I wonder what happened to them.

Penny no - I don't suppose there is much water to spare for catalogues. I hear you are due another dose of the horrible hots. Hope they are wrong this time.

Kate - so sorry about your cat. That's so sad and you miss them so much. Smudge lost another life on Monday evening. He usually comes in when it gets dark but I kept calling him and nothing happened. Then, just when I was getting really worried he appeared, very bedraggled, lots of fur pulled out, limping and smelling very ferral. He ran and hid under the table and, having established that there were no wounds, I thought I'd leave the vet until the morning - he did eat his supper, nothing stops him from eating. In the morning he was much better and by Tuesday evening he was back to normal. Still don't know what happened. we do get foxes in the garden but they are not supposed to go for cats. Clive's view is that he fell out of a tree and was so scared that he peed himself! All is well now.

Hi Jen - glad you liked the book and yes, there is always another in the pipeline. I'm aiming for April and we have the Lynda Monk/Carol Mcfee book to go with it. Exciting times.

We have given Workshop on the Web a make over with a new logo and a new cleaner look. It's something we've been meaning to do for ages so we got down to it over the Christmas break. Thanks so much to all who have said they like it.

Some super articles, too. I'm pleased that I signed up Jackie Langfeld and Anita Bruce at the K&S. Remember this armour?

Jackie gets the most amazing textures, doesn't she?

Our blogging friend Anna has an article on rust dyeing, too and there's loads of other super stuff, including another great blogger - Olga Norris. Love her work.

Our subscriber numbers have been increasing steadily lately, which is great - I do try to keep the price down, although our costs have gone up. I do believe in paying people a reasonable price for writing workshops. It keeps the quality high.

It's been a difficult week, madly busy and Clive has not been well. He had a really bad backache on Monday, which we put down to the weekend gardening. When it didn't go I frog-marched him to the doctors and the poor chap has a kidney infection. He has antibiotics and is feeling much better now, thank goodness.

We did manage to finally get out for the firm's Christmas lunch on Friday - better late than never!


Gina said...

Another great WOW Maggie. Hope Clive recovers quickly.

Heather said...

Love WOW's new look and it's content, and can't wait to get new specs so I can read the print more easily. I'll have to wait another month before my optician will test me as it's only just over a week since I had my cataract removed, but my sight has already improved. Hope you enjoyed your belated Christmas lunch and glad that Clive is feeling better. Good job he got checked out. Looking forward to your new book.

Aquarius said...

I'm sorry to hear about your bedraggled cat but it seems to happen sometimes and remains a mystery in most cases. I like the upmarket look to WOW and some great content as always.

Val W

Wabbit said...

Clive's lucky to have a wife who knows when to be firm and make him go to the doctor's office! I'm finally resurfacing from all that's been going on here just to realize that my notice to go check out the new WOW didn't work this time. So now I'm going to go immerse myself in that treat.

I've been drawing cats lately and might try my hand at Smudge's portrait later. The prospect of a new book is always exciting!

Marjorie Dawson said...

I hope Clive feels better - has he seen a chiropractor. Worked a treat when I gardened my back!.

I am catching up on a lot of yoru posts - life has got in the way but wondered if I am alone in find the mark making approach rubs to up completely the wrong way. I have no idea why. I did a mini workshop with Julia Caprara many years ago (Knitting & Stitching pShow Ally Pally) and lots of peole did swimmingly and 'got it' completely but I could not remember how to do buttonhole stitch and it all went downhill from there. It works so well for them but I was thinking 'Duh?! What am I missing'.

Which reminds me. Want to focus a bit on surface texture and have two of your lovely books but am sat like a rabbit in the headlights wonder where in earth to start.

Smudge is looking wonderful btw. But I adore cats anyway so......