Saturday, 5 September 2009

Cool Cats

Wasn't going to blog today - mad panic setting in about getting to Scotland. Not the work - that's all under control, now all I have to do is chip a room out of the chaos so that the cat sitter has somewhere to lay her head. I'm sure I've got a spare room somewhere!

I just had to tell you this catty story - yet another visit to the vet, this time for Cat Stevens to have a check up. She's still on borrowed time but the vet was pleased with her. Anyway, when we came out I sat down to wait for the bill, Stevens at my feet in the carrier, shouting her head off. A lady came and sat next to me with a large black cat, also howling. We got chatting and I asked her cat's name - somewhat apologetically she said it was called Hendrix. We had such a laugh about Cat Stevens and Jimmy Hendrix doing duets and having a jam session at the vets!


Stevens was quite worn out by the excitement and has been doing her dormouse impression ever since.

Maybird - wish we could have met up. I missed the Dingleys - don't think my heart was in it this year - too cold.

Looking forward to seeing the piece Doreen.

Likewise Aussie Jo - hope it works for you. We do send reminders but they sometimes fall into spam traps. Ask Fiona about the password
She'll soon sort it out


Heather said...

I love your catty story - what a coincidence! Cat Stevens looks so contented and relaxed curled up like that. Our old mog has been gently terrorising Poppy the Jack Russell today. Poor Poppy is smaller than the cat and can't understand why he won't play with her.

Aussie Jo said...

Great cat story Maggie.
I have emailed Fiona and all sorted, I have re-subscribed, and there is an article there I will use straight away on my sea angels.
Talking of cats, although I know the footy bores you, our own cool Geelong Cats are through the first final in style, hopefully only one win away from a fight to the death in the Grand Final.

Pat said...

Nice co-incidence Maggie, photograph should be title "Bliss!"

Diana said...

Love the cat story, Maggie!
By the way, completely off-topic (sorry) - I'm a bit out of the loop and not sure if you have said anything about online classes for Stitches, Straps & Layers. I've got the book but haven't had much time to get into it properly yet and need an incentive!! You've been so busy lately that I can completely see why you haven't mentioned classes but then maybe I just dreamt the whole thing (wishful thinking?)!

JP said...

hope you enjoy scotland - you have had a busy summer here ther anfd everywhere - I don't know how you get any work done but I'm really impressed that you do!!!!!!!