Saturday, 4 February 2012

No Snow Yet

I am so impressed on several counts by your comments from the last blog. So many of you have all the d4daisy books and the fact that Sylviane translates WoW – that is a labour of love. Diane’s rusty stuff from the free lessons is great.

Not making a fascinator with my triffids but turning them into a vessel.

This is really a piece for the dissolvables book but it has turned into a workshop for the March issue of WoW as one of our expected articles didn’t come in and there was nothing suitable in my bottom drawer. Luckily I took photos as I made the vessel but there was a bit of panic going on, I can tell you.

It was the coldest morning of my whole life today but without snow (so far) so we went to our singing session at Local Vocals. We are practising for a concert where we get to sing with a big band – we are doing ‘Sway’ – and also a modern piece, in Dorset poet William Barnes dialect, with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. It is part of an initiative called Chalk Legends

I so love singing and find that it needs total concentration so there is no way to think of anything else. It is a great stress buster. At the moment Clive is the only man so he gets to do solos for the bass parts. If anyone one knows a singing type of man in East Dorset do send him along. It’s huge fun and you don’t need to read music or anything.

Well, the promised snow has not materialised but it is still bitterly cold. Nothing for it but to fire up the baked bean can and get the toes toasting. I'm so pleased with it and it chucks out an amazing amount of heat. Do love the black shiny effect, too.


I might be AWOL for a few weeks as it’s going to be a very close run thing to get my new book finished before my thumb operation in late March. I will pop up on Facebook and try to blog in the bit between taking the photos and slotting them in for the designer. Think of me.

PS On-line petition to save Urchfont Manor. Please sign up.


Heather said...

Your vessel is stunning - what a good thing you had it to hand! Local Vocals sounds great fun.
We've had snow today after 3 days of hard frost. At present it is raining and I hate to think what the roads will be like in the morning as it is still very cold.
Keep warm and safe and don't work too hard. Looking forward to your book.

Aussie Jo said...

The vessel is very interesting, can't wait to see the details.

Good luck with the book deadline.

Just had a couple of days over 30C here and now it is raining-very steamy.

gwyn said...

Glad you have found another outlet for your creative energy - singing is creative too, and needs other people, so is less lonely. You could never be trying to do too much - could you! Love your burner, and the vessel. Have rusted plenty of tissue ready to use. Now must persuade myself to attack it!
We have no snow except on the mountains, but heavy frosts and freezing fog today. It was so lovely yesterday that we drove over the pass and moors to see the Dornoch Firth. The Highland scenery is amazing.
Looking forward to the book and next wow.
Best wishes to Clive too.

Asha Jamwal said...

Just 2 words unique and lovely piece of art.Tanks for sharing :)
Golden Stitch