Monday, 23 January 2012

The Winners and Materials (Various)

I feel that this blog should have an index as it seems to be composed of fairly random topics. But they mostly seem to fit in the materials category, so bear with me.

First of all the lucky winners of the book give-away.

Erin Fish
Ann Swanwick
Gill Watson
Ann Sparkes
Pamela Wardell
Maureen Thompson
Emma Siedle-Collins
Anna Nowicki
Chris Angiel
Sylviane Caradec
Margaret Vincent
Christine Young

You should all be hearing from Fiona shortly. Thank you so much to all those who added messages about how much you enjoy the d4d books and Workshop on the Web. You can't imagine how encouraged I feel when I read those - especially when it has been a bad day!

We've just put up the second instalment of Lynda Monk's free classes for buyers of her Fabulous Surfaces book. The first one was based on tissue and rust and the current one shows a lovely folded book with step by step instructions. I must say that I'd never thought of rusting tissue but it works well. My biggest adventure with tissue was this embellished piece - here is a detail.

It was made from felt, Bondawebbed and lightly foiled with painted abaca tissue applied with the embellisher. If you work from the back, the felt is pushed through the tissue. Here's a closer detail.

When complete, the top surface is given a coat of acrylic wax. Then I zapped it with a heat gun and painted parts with acrylic paint - that is the cracked, distresed bit.
It became much more distressed when Smudge took an interest. See below.
I tell people who don't have an embellisher machine to get a cat (or a personal rodent operative as the Sunday paper called it).

Talking of the embellisher, I love the way that the velvet ribbons from Mulberry Silks behave when used with the embellisher


Patricia was having a delay with her ribbon supplier recently. When I ordered more, she sent me this heavenly silk velvet (below) on a CYO (cut your own) basis. Made me smile. She is so good with her colours and her silk thread packs are so hard to disturb that Jean Littlejohn used to offer counselling to those who couldn't bear to open them. I based a whole piece of work on the colours in one of her packs. She has a sale at the moment so I have been stocking up.


Had a giggle last night - found myself watching a rerun of Day of the Triffids while making these plant based forms for a vessel I'm working on.

Not too sure now about those tentacles!

Back soon. Have to get on with dissolvable book this week.


Heather said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners. I didn't enter as I am so naughty (good?!) that I already have nearly all the d4daisy books - they never disappoint.
Your embellished piece is fantastic - the textures and colours are wonderful. Smudge is obviously a discerning critic! I love your Triffids too!
I stocked up with Mulberry silk threads with some Christmas money a couple of years ago and had to open them immediately or they would just have become ornaments!

Julie said...

Congratulations to all the winners. Lovely textures on your blog today Maggie and I love the triffid forms.

Sylviane said...

I'm so happy to be one of the winners !
I really appreciate Workshop on the Web : it takes time to translate, but it's worth it. I'm imptiant to begin somthing with my two new books, arrived last friday : "Fabulous Surfaces" and "Embellish & Stitch".
And in a few days, with "Let's Play with Sari Ribbon". Thank you ! Sylviane

Maggi said...

Congratulations to the winners. I also didn't enter because I think I have all the books too. The embellished piece is fantastic, obviously endorsed by Smudge.

gilby said...
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gilby said...

Well done to the lucky winners.
Embellishments for the vessel looks stunning i am sure the finished item will be impressive.

Emma said...

So glad (& grateful!) to be a winner! Love those textures, must get cracking ;)

Diane said...

Congratulations to the winners.
I have put some tissue paper and also some kitchen paper towel that I used to mop us some dyes out to rust. I did some with vinegar and some I have left to rust on their own. Won't need to wait too long as the wet season has come with a BIG bang. Everything is so damp. Will show the results on Flicker when I have done something with them - if they ever dry!!. I just love what you have done with your pieces Maggie.
I looked at the machine pieces and they way you have them sitting on the table made me think you were making a fascinator.