Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Quitwow Site

I'm excited today because the Quiltwow website is up and running. This is our new venture - the step-by step, on-line mag for quilters. The site is an info page at the moment, but we're showing some of the pics from articles in the free October issue. Carol Dowsett has got some great articles and I think anyone with an interest in textiles will like it. Do make sure you get the freebie - not often you can get something for nothing.

Enough of the advertising - on to the day. Thanks for all the replies. I do so love getting feedback. I've ordered my Moonshadow Inks from Dale at Leanne. Haven't found them here yet, but no doubt they will come. Actually Doreen, I don't think I'm managing my time well at the moment, or perhaps it's just that I don't have enough time. My to-do list has reached epic proportions and Clive has rebelled by composing an 'inaction plan'. He is implementing it as I write, by sitting in the garden with the paper (we have some sun at last). He's such a fidgit that it will never last.

Thanks to those who liked the weaving. It's your own fault that you are being shown another one. I'm very into weaving at the moment and I plan to mount some of the weavings up for a Wessex Textiles exhibition in September.

This one is very special as the strips with the stitched flowers were done by Val. They are embellished onto milliners net (don't know where she got it) and include the motifs and embellished silks in blocks. We often used to send each other bits of stitching or, if we were stuck on something, we would send pieces for the other one to finish. A terrible resposibility. I do miss her so much.

A good day with Jane Lemon, yesterday. The only downside was that we were trying to photograph her goldwork for a Batsford book proposal and the sun was shining too brightly. I prefer to photo outside in light cloud but the weather would not cooperate. In the end I took the photos in a window, with diffused light and brought them home to twiddle with. They are good - better than I thought, so that's a relief.

Jane took me on a tour of her workrooms where The Sarum Group do most of their work. They have so many ecclesiastical commissions and the goldwork is wonderful.
Just off to meet Michael Wicks, my co-publisher for the Embellish and Stitch book. Will report tomorrow.


Helen Suzanne said...

Well done on the launch of the new wow site. I'm sure it will be an inspiration. The weaving is stunning and wonderful that you've got some of Val in there too. It must be so hard for you not having your close friend there to share your creative process with. My heart goes out to you.

sue said...

At last, I've found Moonshadow Inks in the UK!! Try their website and they also have a shop in Wantage. I'm sending for mine as soon as I can decide which colours to get!

ominnimo said...

Yes, love this weaving as well!

Carol said...

Moonshadow inks have been available in the UK for a few years now, as well as Stamp Attic, who give great service by the way, they are also available from the