Friday, 10 August 2007

Things that go bump in the night

What a fright in the night when were woken at 4am by the most terrific crash. I immediately thought that my workroom shelving system had succumbed to overload (some of the shelves have a suspicious droop in the middle). But all was fine in there so I looked further. Glanced down the stairs to see a river of glass and realised that a huge John Piper poster had crashed down the stairwell. String fatigue. Took us ages to clear all the glass and we're still finding bits. No bare feet in this house for a while. On the plus side, we had a lovely early morning river walk when we took the glass to the recycling bin.

On with the blog:
Sue and Julie, look forward to seeing you. We are at the back opposite the Ladies loo. I know my place. Actually it's a good spot as most people pass that way sooner or later. So you can have the coffee first, Julie.

We have Bradley Hand on all our machines, Leanne, so it must have come with the system. We have found that not many Macs have it so it's not good for using on the web as it substitutes Times - very boring. I had to change a lot of the Quiltwow site when we found this out.

The projector is called a Viewsonic PJ358 Janet. It was so easy to get going and the supplier, Just Projectors, were really helpful. They also have an 0800 number and I'm trying not to buy from firms that use high rate numbers for product support. Makes me so cross. Flash memory - we just saved as jpeg, plugged it in and off it went. If you didn't want movies, it would be fine for a talk. I love using the digital projector as you can take photos for talks right up to the last minute, can run little movies or demo computer design. Clive takes our mini movies with a camcorder and one we recently shot caused great mirth. I was wearing a low cut t-shirt and Clive was filming over my shoulder. It was like a Benny Hill rerun. Memo to self - check more carefully before showing cleavage to the world.

I'm still putting stuff together for the show. We are making little books and we're using Moon Shadow Spritz and Mists. These combine so well, especially on a black surface. Clive has had to make all the binding holes for 15 books. Then Lauren wanted one. He is a bit of a saint really. Not sure how I will get on with a half day workshop. I have difficulty fitting stuff in a day!

Back to matters digital. We got one of those digital picture frames as I thought it would give a good display of WoW pieces without taking up as much room as a laptop for the show. This also runs from a flash drive, also easy to set up. Looks quite good - a bit small -but it doesn't run on batteries which is a pain. As you may have gathered we are gadget junkies!

Now for some time on the book.


Julie said...

Wow Maggie. Yet again these pieces are beautiful. Very space-y. Your right-hand-man sounds a treasure!

dawn said...

I also dislike using premium rate numbers. There's an excellent website that gives alternative numbers to use, usually 0800 or just regular call charge numbers. It's