Monday, 6 August 2007

Xpandaprint - Off the Wall

Good to get such great feedback. Makes my near disaster quite worthwhile. Doreen and Sandy - don't you sometimes find that the best part of a messy session is the newspaper or clearing up cloth. Good idea for using the BW on the embellisher, Doreen.
Hey, Julie - I'm the queen of the rambling posts so don't feel obliged to stop. Look forward to seeing your piece. I love Xpandaprint and also use it with stamps (wipe it off with a BW straight away or it will set) or make marks with the edge of a piece of card.
In the sample above it is stamped with a cheap foam stamp and has a little Treasure Gold on top (Margaret R knows me well). Best of all is using it on water soluble paper. I stitch straight lines on the paper first, then stamp with xp and puff. Dissolve a lot of the paper away for lacy effect.
On to the diary. Fabulous weather this weekend and we've been catching up with the grandchildren. My daughter has four (usually called 'The Parley Four') and I try to take them out individually as they are a bit overwhelming en masse. On Saturday I took Lauren (13) with me to meet Kim and to help me spend a fortune in The Range. It was good to meet Kim and we grabbed a hasty lunch. Lauren enjoyed it and pronounced Kim as 'well cool'. Yesterday we took the two middle boys out to lunch. Sitting in a pub garden on a hot day with a cold drink - heaven.
Now back to work. Today I'm playing with layering up printed tissue. I needed some words and was stuck for inspiration so I typed my To-do list into Word and used that. Added a layer with a printed design on top of it. Could be useful for folk who don't like paint programs.
Now I'm hand stitching over the black lines to soften them. A bit like painting by numbers but soothing to do. I'd like to think I could sit in the garden and do some more. Somehow I doubt it!


Emmcee .... Marie C said...

Wow - the piece made with the sol paper is just amazing - have only just started with surface fabric - your work is always so inspirational, I feel like say WOW for every piece!!

Linda said...

I'm really pleased that you started blogging - but there is so much to learn!!!!

I've just started thinking about adding text to my work, and love the idea of including the mundane, your shopping list is a good example. The notes hubby and I leave one another is a source I have in mind. I don't recognise the font you used on the tissue paper but it is one I would like to use.

Julie said...

Maggie, thank you for your generous advice. You have opened up a realm of possibilities. I shall have to get out to my shed and play (sorry, studio lol)

Doreen G said...

Maggie I love the soluble paper piece--I have Expandaprint but somehow I always forget to use it--(note to self use the soluble paper.)