Friday, 23 May 2008

Displacements using Photoshop

I am feeling much better than I deserve this morning as I over-indulged in some really good wine last night. Only about three glasses but that is two more than usual. It seems to me that, as you get older, your vices give you up! I can't eat, drink or otherwise indulge in excess these days.

We had some friends over and I actually cooked a proper meal (they are good friends and understand our chaotic lifestyle, so can be offered a take-away). Played on the wii and generally caught up so it was a good night. And no headache, so I can do some messy work today for a WoW article.

Meanwhile, on with the displacement maps. Thanks for the comments - glad it was useful. Yes, indigocarole, you need PSP 9 or higher for the displacement map filter.

This is the Photoshop Elements version. I don't find it as good but I am willing to be corrected. I like lots of things about Elements but it is never my first choice.

Using the Peony pic as my main image.

...and displacing with this fossil design. I have to make sure that the image I'm using as a map is saved as a .psd file and that I know where to locate it.

Then go to the Filter menu and Distort, Displace.

Increase the size to 100 in each box (try different options here). Say OK and you will be asked for the file name of your map.

Here's the result.

Looks better after a few more filters - such as inked edges etc.

That's it folks. Gesso - here I come.


downunderdale said...

looks like you drank good wine - cheers

magsramsay said...

Thanks for sharing this ! I've been using Photoshop for years and not discovered this function. I've just been playing with images from a recent trip to Greece. I like the effect of 'shrink to fit' rather than 'tile'

Jackie said...

Thats amazing Maggie. I wish i just knew the half of it. I'll be interested to see the textile piece rom it.