Sunday, 18 May 2008

Motorway Musings

Blogger won't let me put any pics in, I'll try later this afternoon so please do come back again.

Later, the same day, (this is getting to be a serial blog) - still can't load pics and I've made them all smaller, too. Will try on tomorrow's blog. Thanks Pat for the accolade on your blog. The headphones won't fit for the oppsite reason if you keep saying things like that about me.

Hi Jackie - great that you are blogging. love your work.

Will keep you posted on the Aussie thing, fingers crossed.

Our weather has now reverted, Artisue, so it's back on with the vests.

Had such a good time in Kent. I used to teach up there regularly and Clive usually came with me. We always had what we call a 'Kentday'. We would go up the day before and follow our pattern for a lovely day. This involved eating our lunch sitting in the car, by a lake with lots of wildfowl. Birdwatching without the walking - suits me fine. Then we would go to the Outlet Centre in Ashford for Marks and Gap cheapies. This was always followed by a trip to the movies and finally the hotel check-in and a lovely meal. By this time I had spent the teaching fee, but what the hell?

So that is what we did this time - varied by going to Sissinghurst instead of the birds. Although it was early for the garden, the Wisteria was wonderful and there was lot to see.

Underneath the wisteria for a Val-type shot. PIC LATER

Saw a movie called The Eye and we were a bit worried as there were only four of us in the cinema! It was good - quite scary - and I couldn't hide in the dining room like I do at home. Meal was great.

The talk the next day went well. Hi, Brenda - it was so lovely to see you all again. Kathy showed me a finished piece that she started making on my course. It is based on Chimneys, Hampton Court, I think. Great isn't it?


They tried to fix me upwith a mike with headphones but it wouldn't fit on my head. No, not because my head was too big, quite the reverse. So I did the talk, including the computer demos while clutching all the equipment to my bosom. Luckily it is an ample one.

On the way home we saw Pompey supporters lining the motorway bridges, possibly waiting for the team coaches. For those not in the UK, they (Portsmouth) won the cup final yesterday. It was fun to see them and I started thinking about other fun things that have livened up our journeys. Here are a few:

A builder's van with signing on it - 'You've tried the cowboys, now try the Indians' (Singh & Co).

Signs on the M40 that went on for miles saying 'Emergency Toilets, next exit'. One day we had to take that route and found another sign saying 'Emergency Pub'.

A fruit growing enterprise on the Queen's Balmoral estate with a notice that said Pick-Ones-Own.

It all cheers up the journey.

I'm off the do a workshop in Marlborough on Tuesday. It's quite a new one called Slip, Slap, Stich. The idea is to make a slip to apply to a background, slap it on the aforementioned background and then stitch it. I'll take some photos for you.


Stitchety Grub said...

Hi Maggie
I had trouble too this week with Blogger not letting me put pics on my blog but tried today and it is ok - I think a couple of people around the world have had the same thing this week! I look forward to having a squizz when you are able to load them
Britt Western Australia :D

Pat said...

Did your ears burn because we talked about you all the way home? So looking forward to the book.Great day, thanks to you both.

Aussie Jo said...

Very entertaining blog, even without the photos.