Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sun and Games

Having a lovely lazy Sunday. The weather is wonderful and we've been mostly in the garden - very little gardening and quite a lot of sitting. A brief spell of intense activity when the Gcs arrived for a bowling tournament on the Wii. I wopped them, good and proper!

Tomorrow I am doing a talk on computer design at Marlborough branch and will take the chance to visit Jane Lemon on the way. A huge advantage of the digital projector is the fact that you can do live demos (I use Paint Shop Pro) and then show how the designs were translated into stitch. My favourite effect, as you will know by now, is the Displacement Map and I plan to show how the Graphitint drawing below can be transformed using the pic of the Sagrada Familia, from our Barcelona holiday.

I just love the way that the jotted notes have transformed into a border.

I am doing a talk on the same subject in Kent on Saturday so, although I will change the content a little, all my 'show and tell' work will be packed ready for me. How cool is that?

A couple of exciting blogs I've found. The first one is by Barbara Siedlecka and she is using it as a retrospective for her textiles. I have adored her work for years and it is so good to see it again. She was an illustrator and her drawings are lovely. Then she made textiles for ad campaigns, which I think is a great way to spread the word. I've written several articles on her work and she shows the one from Embroidery on her blog. I'm sure she won't mind me showing this collage to whet your appetite.

Then there is Fiona Dix who has a very interesting life wearing lots of different hats. She hosts all our sites and is the reason why Workshop on the Web is such a rock steady site, even when the new issues are launched and the site has so many hits. Her own work is great and she writes beautifully. Her main site is full of interest.

I do intend to add lots of my favourite blogs as links. Nag me if I don't do it soon.


Gill said...

Dear Maggie
Have been teaching myself PSP using your little book. I have Version 7. What are diplacement maps? Great to read your blog each time.
Gill H

Pat said...

Where and when are you in Kent Maggie?

Genie said...

Love the Sagrada Familia Piece.

fiona d said...

thanks for the lovely mention Maggie - you made my day! I love what displacement maps can do to writing too

Simone said...

Find your blog today. I will have later a look again, it's to much for one single day. So much beautiful things.
Greetings from Germany

hippopip said...

A great talk Maggie and easy to follow even for me,I am now inspired and going to give paint shop a bashing

Aussie Jo said...

Let us know if you decide to come sand "show an tell" in Oz, I'd love to see this in action.
Thanks for the blog references, very inspirational.