Friday, 13 January 2012

A Link, a Stitch and a Bad Cat

Thought I’d give you the link for the Flickr group, ready for tomorrow. Here it is – do hope you will all use it as it’s great to see what others are doing.

I have been working on the vessel I showed you a couple of blogs ago. The ‘flowers’ are stitched on water soluble, using a circular stitch.

It’s interesting that people now seem to call any similar stitch granite stitch. Val Campbell-Harding was very ferocious about her version of granite stitch which had to be the tiniest of circles, hardly visible to the naked eye. I was always in trouble for my too big circles. Anyone else remember Val’s machine embroidery classes at Urchfont college. So sad that Urchfont seems bound to close this year.

Anyway, back to the circular stitch, which I call bubble stitch. I love it and many of my drawings use similar shapes for texture


It’s freezing here, minus 3 this morning – cold weather at last. When I looked out, all the pigeons in the big tree looked huge as they were so fluffed up against the cold. Then I looked at Smudge, also huge and fluffy. He looks so funny – so much fur makes his legs look stumpy

He is in big trouble as he spent yesterday helping Clive make a new garden – very much a work in progress. We discovered that the horrible hedge at the bottom of the garden was taking up six feet of space so it’s gone and now we are landscaping and trying to cover the new fence.

Smudge was obviously carrying on the work. He came in late last night with so much mud on his legs that he looked as though he was wearing wellington boots. Needless to say much of it was on the new pale carpet before we caught him. Sigh.


So glad that my messy workroom made you all look good! It is now much better and I am working hard. I do agree about it being hard to find things when you tidy up. I like designlouise’s comments. I think my best solutioin wa in the last house where I had a smaller workroom but an absolutely enormous wall to wall cupboard in another room. I then went along with my basket every time a new project was to begin, just like at the supermarket. In this smaller home I have to keep it all in situ.

Emma – just visited your blog. It is a treasure trove and I’m so glad you have agreed to do a WoW article. Can’t wait.

Hope you scanned in your photos Sheila – Displacement maps?

Robin – I expect you found the requirements on the last blog.

Hi bois-fleurie, good to meet you.

Heather – I must find that utube clip. Love the H chorus, great to sing. Clive loves oratorio and once sent Fiona to buy him Bach’s St Matthew Passion for a birthday. The guy in the shop said ‘They a new group, then’!

Jane, interested in your flash mob – it is such a good idea. Can’t wait to try it. We are doing lots of African chants at the moment so we’ll probably have to come up with choreography as well. It’s impossible to keep still singing those.


Heather said...

I like your circles, even if they are 'too big'!
Oh Smudge! I thought it was only dogs who liked getting muddy.
Your garden will look lovely this summer when things are up and growing.

Su said...

I think rules are made to be broken, and I like your larger circles.
I'm sure Smudge looked gorgeous even with muddy boots on, hope the carpet recovered ok!

Kaffie said...

Hi Maggi, I have heard that there will be a cabinet meeting (Wiltshire Council) next Tuesday regarding Urchfont Manor closure. I will be sending an email of objection to to voice my objection. I am sending this info to as many people as I can. Please pass it on if you can.

Best wishes
Cathy Jupp

loVe2cre8 said...

Gee Maggie, I would like to feel sorry for you about the cold but I am heading outside shortly to feed our cattle and it is -29!! It doesn't matter what stitch you call it that piece is stunning.