Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Requirements for Lynda Monk's course

Wow! What a response to our book giveaway. We've increased the number of books to twelve to give more of you a chance. Still time to try your luck - see my last blog.

I promised that I'd put the list of things needed up on the blog before the class. I imagine you will have most of them. I've never tried rusting paper but I shall join in and have a go. Looking forward to it. Do join the Flickr group - the details will be on the d4d site on Saturday morning.

We go singing on Saturdays so I shall be joining a little later but I will make sure all is up and running before I go and will pop in to Flickr as soon as we return. I do love our singing class - it is called Local Vocals, such a great name. We sing four part harmony without any instruments and our teacher is amazing - she sings our parts and we sing it back to her. We are all in touch with our inner parrots and it is surprisingly good for one's soul, as you have to concentrate so hard that all worries vanish. In the spring we are going to do Guerrila singing - works on the flash mob principle - a text message and all who can, will turn up at a shopping centre, sing and run away before we're moved on! With my voice, I think I need to run away!

Anyway here are the requirements. I'll answer comments in the next blog, there were some lovely ones.

Here is the list of materials for the first lesson.

Different types of tissue paper as described in the book
Fusible webbing
Steel wires, steel wool, anything that will rust
Water-based media for colouring
Acrylic wax or PVA
Transfer foil
Walnut ink

More news soon.


Heather said...

Thanks for the requirements list for Lynda's course.
Love the idea of Local Vocals and once saw a Utube video of a Guerilla version of the Hallelujah Chorus. It gave me goose bumps and moved me to tears - fantastic. Can we look forward to a Utube video of yours?!
Singing is so uplifting and relaxing - enjoy yourselves.

Wendy said...

I love the idea of you all having a quick sing and running away, what a wonderful happy thing to do :)

Robin Mac said...

The singing sounds so uplifting for the spirit. I saw that same Utube vide that Heather saw and it moved me to tears - now that is really somethingto emulate!

Lexa said...

Thanks for the list. It should be fun. Also saw the Utube and can't wait to see your group.

JaneO said...

Good luck with the singing Maggie, I'm sure you will have great fun. I joined a flashmob in Cabot Circus last year(we sang Hey Big Spender) and it was wonderful to see the look on peoples faces.