Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Twiddly Couching - the Movie

I recently put a video up on my Facebook page and have since had lots of requests to put it on my blog for those who don't use Facebook. It's a bit smaller here than the FB version so, if you'd like to be my friend - that will be fine.

It's a how-to for the twiddly couching method that I used for the Treasure Keeper on the last page of my new book, Long Diaries and Tall Tales - see pic below

It is a really quick and easy way to cover a large area of background. I make the little keepers by cutting three pieces of Craft Vilene (which has had painted silk bonded to it)  into triangles, making a pocket inside the front ones, at the lower edge and then inserting strands of wire, bent into a wiggly shape, like this, into the pocket.

Buttonhole round the edges and slip stitch them together before attaching your treasure. My treasure is a pair of beaded beads, given to me by my late friend, Val Campbell-Harding.

I will be putting some free classes - extensions on the book techniques- on the D4daisy Books site early in the New Year, so watch this space.


Heather said...

Thank you for sharing this technique Maggie. It is so simple but very effective and I shall enjoy trying it out. I love your Treasure Keeper. I made these little triangle books when you first showed us how to do them - time for another one I think.

DD Wilson said...

Love this idea!!! However, this video cut off just as you were explaining about the beads that you were adding. I know that would have been facinating as well.
Thanks for the short tutorial.

Dane said...

Très jolie Bravo
Merci pour le tutoriel
Bonne soirée