Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Almost a Day Off

Thanks for confirming my thoughts about Jennifer Gray, Maggie. Will have to think about the book on embroidery around the country. We could call it Stitching up Britain (should be the UK but it doesn't scan well). Clive had a idea of doing one on textiles overseas but I think it was the thought of all the travel costs going down as expenses that had the most appeal!

Gill, I like your knitted piece. I can only knit in the winter - it makes me too hot, even with the present unsummer weather.

Lovely post from Susan - great having a son dancing with Sadlers Wells. Do make yourself known at the K&S Show. The Val exhibition is coming together well but I'm behind with the Festival of Quilts preparations. I have some great work from both Workshop on the Web and the forthcoming QuiltWow to display. We had a QuiltWow meeting yesterday and Carol Dowsett, who is the editor, has signed up some great articles. Getting excited, now. You seem to spend so long talking about these things that it's good when the work comes in.

Today I am going to my local West Country Embroiderers group. Pat Mummery is doing seascapes, but I hope I can get away with a cliffscape as I have a UFO that would fit well. It came from a drawing of cliffs.

I drew it with Graphitint pencils. I'm sure that you all know them - they are graphite pencils with a hint of colour that come to life when you add water. See below.

I scanned it and printed on cotton, tore it up and worried the edges. Have just begun stitching them down again.

We were supposed to take painted calico so I may get thrown out for having the wrong background.

Will let you know how I get on.


Fiona said...

worried the edges! what a great phrase. love the background fabric, look forward to seeing how it develops

Julie said...

I envy you being in the west country! I like your start with the cliff face - I hope you don't get drummed out lol. I am going to the FOQ in August so I will try and find you to introduce myself - if I'm brave enough!

Janice said...

love your blog - it is great to see what you are doing at the moment - use your boos alot

Janice said...

sorry - I meant booKs!!

Carol said...

I love the background, can't wait to see the results,