Saturday, 7 July 2007

Lost Cause

Today we are getting ready to go to Birmingham for our gig on Monday. This is the one with demos and a talk. We need to do it today as we always try to have Sundays off - we work from 7am to heaven-knows-when in the week, so a day off is great. Also a much needed time to see the family. The packing is not going well. Clive decided to change the lamp on the digital projector. Although the warning light is not flashing he's been meaning to do it for ages. Now we can't find the manual. Despite the fact that we haven't referred to it for ages we now feel very insecure about going away without it. On with the search.

I've been having a great time playing and have resolved my challenge about using Tyvek, walnut inks and embellished surfaces. I sprayed tissue with the inks, jazzed it up with Moonshadow Mist (wonderful mix of walnut ink and glitz) and then embellished it with chiffon over the top. The Tyvek was ironed over a stamp (this was a WoW technique a few issues ago) and made a focal point when painted. I stitched silk pods over the edges.

Loved this, especially the glitzy tissue idea. Looking forward to more playing at Birmingham. Will show the results later in the week.

We invoked the help of St Anthony (patron saint of lost things) and the manual turned up in the boot of the car - where we had already looked. We are now searching for Clive's invaluable notebook which must have fallen from his pocket during the hunt!


Doreen G said...

Love it Maggie --I have some moonshadow mists and I just love them also.

downunderdale said...

hope your day went well after all that, Maggie. You can't go past the Moonshadows - I have extremely dirty fingers as I have been playing with them today - Dale

Carol said...

love how the sample turned out, the Moonshadow Mists are just addictive aren't they :)

Jacquelines blog said...

It is such a beautiful combination, and there are so many techniques involved. beautiful piece!

MargaretR said...

i must get some of this moonshadow mist. If you are anything like me you will have found loads of other mislaid things and a tidy up as you were searching. Have fun in Birmingham.