Thursday, 19 July 2007

A Personal Private View

Phew! Yesterday was so hectic that I didn't get time to post anything - not even a letter. Julie do come and say Hi at the FOQ. Janice , you are welcome to use my boos at any time as I don't use booze much these days. I find that as I get older my bad habits are giving me up! All except food, of course.
Getting ready for my weekend course on using inkjet transfer paper - keep finding exciting new things and adding them to the course. At this rate I shall never be ready and two days won't be nearly enough. I love doing these courses that we organise ourselves. Folk come and stay in hotels or b&bs and last time we had students from Ireland, France and the USA. We have an 'event' on Saturday evening - sometimes I do a talk or get a speaker in, then we all go for a meal. This weekend we are going to Yvonne Morton's exhibition and she will be there to talk to us about her work and show us her sketchbooks. More on this later.
I enjoyed myself at West Country Embroiderers. We made rocks from Suffolk puffs and added needleweaving and rough cords. I had forgotten how to do needleweaving and had to have a lesson from my friend Sue. Here's my starfish - a bit twee but having made him (blood, sweat and tears) he's staying there. Actually. one leg (tentacle?)was made by Sue.

Early evening we went to Yvonne's private view. As I'm reviewing the exhibition for Embroidery magazine we went along early and had our own extremely private viewing. I love her work. She has been researching the Kuba tribe for ages and it is fascinating to see the work change and grow. Here's a sketchbook sample.

Yvonne makes her own silk felt and then mark makes or adds linear patterns with embellisher and sewing machine. I love this use of the embellisher, making marks with a single needle from the back. Looks like animal skin.

Must go now and do some more packing for the course. Possibly some more experiments too.


Penny said...

Maggie thank you for your blog, so much information in it.I found while reading your paper metal and stitch that you had signed it, must have been when you were at Horsham (Victoria). I didnt do your class, did Jean's but such a lovely time.

Sarah Jayne said...

I really enjoy your blog.
I posted a comment a while ago about my dry stone wall photo transfer piece - here's the link if you'd like to have a look:
Thanks for taking the time to share you work - it's great.