Thursday, 5 July 2007

Pics from the Course

Just a quick post today as I have loads of catching up to do. It's the time for concentrating on Workshop on the Web and the articles are coming in. This is always really exciting and I love seeing all the work. We've got some especiialy super articles for September - a great 'design to stitch' one from Gwen Hedley and a real gem from Sherrill Kahn, who is a big favourite with Wowies.

Back to the Urchfont course. It's always interesting to see how folk who are totally new to the embellisher produce work. This lot did some exciting things with very basic materials - just a few bags of silk and wool fibres and some chiffon. We mostly used velvet with transfoil ironed on, placed over felt. Here are some pics. Alison (top) and Gwen's landscape with detail below.

Can't leave the subject of the C&G course without showing you Alison's patched 'pinny'. A brilliant piece of work from a series that I think is called 'Impossible Ingredients for Indigestable cooks'. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

I am doing an interesting thing in Birmingham on Monday for the local Embroiderers Guild. It is an evening talk together with afternoon demos. I have told them I shall be demoing the embellisher but I forgot that and told Ario (who will be the traders) to bring lots of Tyvek and water soluble paper. So I now have to put together some work combining all these materials. I'll keep you posted.


Carol said...

I love ARIO, they are from my locall village of Gorseinon, top girls and fab stock! Glad to see you giving them a helping hand.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Some truly innovative work, thanks for sharing with us.They are very inspiring students. Will you be able to blog about your meeting at Birmingham? Have not read any reports of EG meetings from tutors.....yet. Could be a first.

Are you able to go to the WI Exhibition at Denman College (Nr Abingdon Oxon, on all next week?? I think it will be very traditional work, but will make an interesting contrast to Urchfont, which is 21st Century.

Best wishes

The "other"

- not so much old...but definitely friend!! :0))

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Me again. Thanks for passing by my blog, as your wish is my command ... photo of Herr Schanauzer is now published. Please enjoy! Thanks for the tip about the W & G stitching on the lap... poor cat will have to find a new lap now.

Best wishes

the other


Garnered Stitches said...

Hello Maggie, it was nice to see the sample and apron on your blog. The apron has been along and sometimes difficult gestation so to finally show it to Sian last week was both a relief and great excitment. It's title is "Impractical Apparel for Indigestible Meals". I 'm glad you like it