d4daisy books

I’ve been really excited by the continued success of d4daisy books. This was set up in 2008 as a collaboration with Michael Wicks the noted textile photographer.

We not only publish my own books but have been fortunate to find really exciting textile artists such as Lynda Monk, Sue Rangeley (see pic left), Jae Maries and the late, great Julia Capara.

On our site (www.d4daisy.com) you’ll find information about all our books and authors, some interviews and a helpful glossary of textile terms and techniques.

Free online classes

We aim to give you that little bit extra. For example, 'Dissolvable Delights', 'Fabulous Surfaces', 'Mixed Media: New Studio Techniques', 'Stitches Straps & Layers', 'Stitching the Textured Surface' and 'Textile Translations' all include a series of free online classes for everyone who has the book, making d4daisy the best value of all textile publishers.

Excitement Alert: coming soon – classes on Lynda Monk’s new book ‘Exploring Creative Surfaces’.

. . . if you're looking for books which blend inspiration with cutting edge techniques in arts and crafts, d4daisy is for you.

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