Sunday, 20 July 2008

Art in Action

Many thanks for all the lovely comments.

Kitten distressed textiles - there's a thought, Guzzisue. Very hard on the hands when the said kitten misses the target! However Verobirdie has a good point about regrowing the needles. I've just managed to break a hand-held felting needle - that must take talent.

Icfzx - what can those initials mean? Know what you mean about cats creeping into spaces. They are always the wrong side of doors, too. Clive often describes himself as a cat butler.

Artisue - I think you are right about colour - it's the first thing that draws me to examine a piece more closely and then other considerations come into play. It doesn't have to be a vibrant scheme though, as I am just as drawn to mono colour schemes with just a hint of colour about them.

Glad you all liked the fireworks - I've been picking up rocket sticks ever since.
I still need a couple of addresses (from Margaret and Stephanie) but most of the goodies have gone. I enjoyed the give-away and will do another one soon.

Meantime I'm sorry for not blogging much this week but inspiration struck with a vengeance and I've almost finished the text of the mixed media book. I've been having wonderful fun with the making, too. Plus getting WoW and Quiltwow ready for the September issue and lots of admin stuff.

Did manage to get out this week and met my friends Maria and Beverley at Art in Action, near Oxford, on Thursday. Beverley was over from the USA and we were her 'surprise lunch date' for the trip. Here we are in our 'when will we three meet again' mode.

I tried my book ideas out on them and got it all a lot clearer in my head. It's going to cover some 'design to stitch' stuff - taking a source, doing sketch book work and then lots of ideas for using mixed media - gesso, kozo, papers, etc. together with paint effects and, of course, stitch. I thought a good title would be Textile Interpretations: Mixed Media. What do you think

I could see that this could go on to cover textile interpretations in a variety of techniques and media. It will be a d4daisy book, with Michael Wicks, so it may even be out for Ally Pally, although it is slightly embarrassing to have two new books out at once.

Here is some more from Art in Action. It was so good to catch up with Alice Kettle, who was looking great. Haven't seen her for ages and we spent some time catching up. Also Rachel Howard who has been doing some lovely work with schools.

I was just a little disappointed in the show this year. For those who haven't been, it covers all the arts and crafts and features the artists at work - so you get to see glass blowers, calligraphers, potters, painters and, of course, stitchers. I loved the work of Gaynor Goffe who teaches calligraphy at West Dean College. Here she is at work.

I love this style of calligraphy. Perhaps I'll send Clive on a course!
Sandra Meech had a big crowd watching her using the 'Picture This' product for design transfer. Her work is amazing.

Smudge went back to his previous human mummy for the day and disgraced himself by doing his dragon hissing act with all her cats. Eventually his cat mother boxed his ears and he settled OK. I had hoped that Stevens would calm him down a bit, but the reverse has happened and Stevens is now in touch with her inner kitten. So the pair of them are racketing around chasing balls or toy mice and arguing over a floppy fish that they both love. This was not the idea.


Karen Hurrell said...

The mixed media book sounds very interesting and will perhaps appeal to a slightly different audience from 'from image to stitch'? I haven't found that the source-to-design part of the creative process is as well covered as techniques, so any books that include something on this are very welcome.

I hope Smudge doesn't have another Siamese trait (in addition to the loud voice). My Birman likes to chew things, particularly cotton as found in quilts and sofas!

Unknown said...

Book sounds great- can't wait!

Aussie Jo said...

Puppies take two years to grow out of puppyhood pranks, maybe kittens never do. It's a bit like young children/grandchildren, they keep you on your toes & young.
The book sound interesting, and you sound like you're on a roll!!!! Keep them coming.

Diana said...

It would be great if the new book could be out in time for Ally Pally, Maggie, and I don't think you should feel at all embarrassed at having another new one out soon after the last... your loyal army of fans will be delighted! Any chance of a sneak preview here as per the last one?
As for the title... hmm. Is the word 'Interpretations' a bit long, maybe? Can't think of an alternative at the moment but I'm sure you'll get it right one way or the other (maybe I'm beng too picky!)

Jackie said...

I think Art in Action needs to be visited in alternate years to be a wow every time. the first time I went I was bowled over by the whole thing, especially sipping pimms in front of the hall and listening to a little ensemble playing on the balcony..ahhh..but the next year my expectations were too high! So we had a break and went last year and enjoyed it again.

lcfzx said...

My user name is my initials, ( its an 'L' ) plus the model of car I used to drive, well I wanted something quick and unique- (username, not the car!) I don't think the C4 I have now lends itself so well.
I bet if you got the cats a floppy fish each they wouldn't want them!

peneller said...

I went to A&A too. I thought the textile artists were all very good and in the spirit of the show all were willing to share their knowledge. I think it's well worth visiting just to see what fantastic work these artists produce and where else can you sit and eat your lunch listening to lovely music sipping a nice dry white wine in a real glass!

chrissythreads said...

Hi Maggie,
I was Waterperry yesterday and really enjoyed it but like you I felt it wasn't quite as normal this year. Sara Impey ,an ERTF member, was exhibiting so it was nice to catch up with her and I always like Hilary Bower's stuff. Away from Textiles did you see Chris Rose's work in the Art in Nature tent? I had to be dragged away by the family! It was also nice to Gaynor and Tom again , colleagues from my former incarnation in the calligraphy world.
The book sounds really interesting - I love Kozo and have used it to interpret an elizabethan ruff amongst other things and at present I working on using it with the embellisher and silk fibres and producing a 'waterlily' for my next exhibition. You have to be careful with the needles though.

Dorothy Gibbs said...

Hi Maggie, Love the sound of the new book. Might NEED that! grin
Lovely to see the pics of Gaynor Goff's work. I was in one of the firsdt classes on Calligraphy that she ever ran... she was just a slip of a girl then. Looking much like a little hippy!
I should really have a refresher I think.

Kate said...

I was also at Art in Action, on Saturday. First time for me, so found it quite exciting. Good excuse for a mooch with my chum. Really liked Gaynor Goffe's work and the demos by Paul Antonio. Lingered for ages in the Printmaking tent watching Annie Williams with her aquatints and Laurie Rudling with his collagraphs using the fantastic old hand press. But, my favourite work was probably by the ceramist Gwen Bainbridge with her quirky, porcelain teapots that looked like they were made from lacy fabrics - they were lovely.
As for another book from you, no it's not too soon! You have so much knowledge to share and you're always discovering new ways of doing things. Looking forward to it!

Unknown said...

It was interesting to hear your reaction to AIA. We went as a family on Sunday, and on the way back we were trying to put our finger on why it seemed slightly disappointing this year. While the artists who were there were excellent as always, we came to the conclusion that there were actually just less of them this year, particularly in illustrating and sculpture, 2 of my husbands favourite areas. Still came away inspired though.
On a different topic, have you decided to shelve your work on the Above the World book entirely or just temporarily? I hope it's the latter as it is a wonderful source of inspiration and the work you started looked exciting!

Wabbit said...

I had to laugh out loud at Stevens being in touch with her inner kitten because of Smudge. I have dogs who are father and son, ages approximately 10 and 3 1/2. They are both really quiet and the next minute, they are all over the place, rolling on their backs doing a tuf of war over a toy, and then back to sleep again. They alternate age groups, I suppose.

Reading about one of your weeks makes me ready for a nap! Marilyn

Wabbit said...

Oops, that should have been tug of war, not tuf!

And I love both the idea and the title for the new book. For some reason, I just cannot make myself sketch and play with ideas on paper these days. I know how to sketch, I just don't. sigh And I'm not sure why!