Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Festival of Quilts

Taking work to Michael for a photoshoot only two days after the show might explain why I haven’t got back to blogging as quickly as I would have liked. But here I am and I promise to get back into my normal posting rhythm very soon. I have missed you all.

The Festival of Quilts was really wonderful and the best part was meeting so many bloggers. Too many to mention, but it was great to see Margaret R, the other Maggie, Jude and Gina, Francoise and so many more. Guzzisue gave me a lovely ATC - here it is.

We had a very good show - so many visitors and lots of kind words about the book. I was demo-ing InkAid and found so many exciting things to do with it. There were some heart stopping moments as I tried to put exceedingly unsuitable stuff through the printer (yes, I took a printer!) Both Art Van Go and Ario ran out of InkAid. I should have been on commission. Here is black fabric painted with white matte InkAid and printed. More on this later in the week.

It was good to welcome the European quilters and surprising to see so many folk from the USA. They all said it was better than Houston but I think they were just being kind. It is true that the FoQ really has grown into a superb show and continues to get better. One delightful surprise was meeting Gloria Hansen, the American expert on all things digital. She did us a wonderful article for Quiltwow. She was over just for the show and was raving about it. Here’s a pic.

Laura and Linda Kemshall were doing a fascinating project - quilting their family tree. They were working on it all through the four days and it was wonderful to see it grow. The finished pieces were being pinned on the wall - as you can see here.

Another really interesting project was the joint exhibition of Sue Chapman and Terrie Hitchcock. This was a ‘quilter meets embroiderer’ theme based on figures. I loved all the work but I’m only going to show this one piece by Terrie as I am going to do a big interview with them for December WoW.

I have some exciting news for my next post but must go now as I can hear Clive telling Smudge off. Better go and see what damage he's done.


Genie said...

Hi Maggie, looks like you had a great time, Wish i could have gone and met you and all the people i only know thru blogland, have had to be content with reading and seeing the photos

Jackie said...

Wasn't it all amazing?

Gina said...

Was great to see you Maggie and I'm really enjoying the book. There was cake for you on my blog this week!

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

That was an exciting piece of work you were putting through the printer with Ink aid at FOQ. Quite inspirational no wonder we could not buy any at the stands. Good to see the photo of Smudge helping you on the sewing machine.My Siamese likes to sit on top of my machine whilst I am working, which rattles his bell with the vibration. Think he likes the warmth from the light. Best Wishes
Maggie (the other one)

jude said...

Wasn't it a good show? Gina and I followed it up with our fab bargain night in Liverpool and the wonderful Tate. We were surprised at the photographers waiting at the hotel when we pitched up, thinking our reputation went before us, but they were there for Mel C who was also in residence. We would highly recommend to you and Clive (the Malmaison, not Mel C)

Judy said...

Hi! maggie,

The snippets from FoQ are yummy must be a good show. Hope Smudge wasn't in too much trouble, my Siamese arrives the minute my steam iron makes noises then sits in the middle of whatever I am working on refusing to move.

You should get a commision for Inkaid, I feel I must get some and give it a go since reading Image to Stitch.

gilby said...

Hi Maggie, great show and the talk you gave in the morning was inspirational and full of fun.
It was great to meet you on the stand,loved the photograph of naughty Smudge.
I managed to buy a bottle of InkAid and my studio floor is covered with various experiments my latest being a copper coloured chocolate wrapper stuck to paper and treated with a coat of InkAid ,i shall print a displacement on to it. Yes you have guessed iam completely hooked.