Saturday, 6 September 2008

Distressing Books. Step one.

Glad you all liked the paw. I'm glad to report that all the gesso came off. Interesting that you had the same experience with the disappearing paragraph, Genie - btw hope you are feeling better now. I was so cross when mine disappeared as it's never so much fun when you are repeating yourself.

I was interested in your comments on the Houston show, Cathy. There were certainly lots of folk from the USA around at the Festival of Quilts and they were very positive. Next year I will only just have got back from my Aussie trip, so I won't have a stand but will go up and visit. Hope to do a couple of talks too, as I really enjoyed the one I did this year.

Jude, AKA Mrs Sock - it's really great that you are blogging. Do visit, folks -

Wabbit - you are such a staunch supporter. What a relief that you like the book - I thought it might be an anticlimax!

Nice to meet you Jade - I love your tree study.

I have had such a busy week, but it has been a really good one, in spite of the weather. I met Michael on the A303 last week and he bore off my last minute book bits to photograph. He is so amazing. I wanted a photo of some salt in the materials section but it looked boring. So he has mananged to get a shot of the salt pouring down into a heap and this pic will run down the edge of the page. Shan't show you - it will spoil the fun, but look for it in the book.

A couple of days later we went up to his studio for a last minute photo choice before it all went to the designer, Liz, who lives in Australia. Isn't it amazing that you can do all these things using the web? Blow me down if we didn't get a PDF of the flat plan from Liz, more or less the same day. Speedy or what? The author doesn't usually see anything at this stage, so it is a real treat.

Even though it only a rough of the text and pics that will go on each page it still looks great. Here's a spread.

None of the pics are cut-out or properly placed but it looks like a book and I am so excited about it all. It is just such a pro-active way to write books and it keeps the buzz going. I will have to restrain myself from suggesting extra photos though.

I am planning the on-line lessons that go with the book. If anyone wants to join in there is one thing you can do in preparation. Get a catalogue (in the UK the Argos one is ideal, so is a telephone directory) slash through with a Stanley knife to make deep cuts through the cover, into the pages. Tear as well, if you like. Then leave it out in the rain for some time. If you live in the desert you may have to water it! Otherwise just forget it. It is even better if something eats it or chews bits off to make a nest.

I left this one under a bush on the common, slightly covered, so it didn't look too unsightly. That may not be a very public spirited action - adding to the litter. I will give further instructions when we get to that section. Don't bring it indoors until I tell you.

I have also been doing some work for my next embellisher course in November. This sample has been deep framed.

We are planning a trip to the NEC Knitting and Stitching show next week. Not having a stand this year but we are going up on Friday, as the Art Van Go initiative (lots of my favourite artists doing demos) sounds great and I must see it. They are only doing it at the Birmingham show. Before that, we must do some more work on the d4daisy web site. No peace for the wicked.


Gina said...

I'm intrigued by the catalogue out in the rain... about to leave one out now and await the next instruction!

Unknown said...

Perfect timing, I just picked up the new Argos catalogue today, now where is the old one and that Stanley knife

maybird said...

Intrigued by the catalogue thing, will get one and have a go.Your new book sounds so exciting, can't wait for it to be published, and online workshops are a great idea.Still laid up with my broken wrist, not healing,another 8 weeks in a cast,16 in total and probably an op, have been consoling myself by reading your books over again.
Have seen a rag doll kitten for sale, so tempted having seen your cutie but must resist.

chrissythreads said...

OK, the catalogue's buried in the garden and the husband has decided my last OPUS module has made me loose the plot completely- can't wait to see what happens next.When are the 2 books due out?

Jane said...

I am raiding the recycling bag for the old catalogue this very minute. With the weather as it is today, I am not sure it will last very long outside! Good job we all trust you - this could be an elaborate prank :-)

gilby said...

Hi Maggie,
Argos and Axminster catalogues slashed and torn and looking very battered are hidden in the garden.

Gill H said...

Ok Maggie - mine is out there too. Much more fun than the recycle bin! Now all us nutters have to buy your book!

Purple Missus said...

Now the neighbours will think I have definitely lost the plot. They're used to seeing bits of dirty old rusty fabric hanging on the line but a slashed Argos catalogue in the middle of the lawn???
Have also slashed an old road map book - will that also work for this technique?

textile-alchemist said...

I have visions of all the WOWies madly searching for catalogues, slashing and then stashing in the garden (not quite under the cover of darkness). I am not sure where to stash my catalogue as l have three dogs that like to shred paper....however I WILL FIND SOMEWHERE.. Do we get a clue as to when the next instruction will be??

Clare Wassermann said...

Hi - wow I have received a book of yours from Amazon today and now I've found this Blog. How exciting. I'm a fairly new bird at all of this but it's so life changing! Thanks for all the inspiration to come! JGYG

Garnered Stitches said...

Oh, Maggie the things you get us to do! My Argos book in under the Quince shrub in hope the slugs and snails will help this bleak weather to create something wonderful.
best wishes

Mermaid's Purse said...

This all looks so very exciting though I'm not sure I could bear to touch something that had been nibbled by .......... (I have a phobia of them unmentionables lol)!

Sharne Gregory said...

I will have to go to Argos at the weekend to get a new catalogue as I have just thrown out my old one. I am going to Ally Pally so I shall look out for your books.(the shopping list gets longer!)

Gill G said...

This catalogue shredding sounds intriguing - am in West Australia and just by chance they say it is going to rain for the next 3 days - chance would be a fine thing; all threats and promises. Will have to put it in the garden where it might get watered lots!! Maggie - when are you coming over to Aus and are you visiting Perth at all?? Would love to attend any sort of workshop you might give - Dale Rollerson is a good contact!!! Look forward to the next step of the distressing. Gill

Maggi said...

Have just had a look at the preview of your new book on the website - awesome. Am going to the NEC tomorrow - will it be there or will I have to wait?

Wabbit said...

I do have some old phone books laying around. And since I am in the desert, would ten minutes of 'rain' a day do? I can put it in the grassy area in the back yard that has sprinklers. It was meant for the dogs to do their business but they prefer lying in the 'rain' under the sprinklers, so they go on the rocks in the desert landscaping where we can see it. Nice of the naughty boys! They may eat parts of the book, but I think that will be easier on their tummies than the rock they like to eat now.

I'm half sure that you and Clive are laughing like lunatics at everyone doing your bidding. But I'm doing it as soon as I get home!

lisette said...

hi maggie - my ikea catalogue is out under the japanese maple. i will post weekly updates on its fate.

do you plan to have a flickr group or similar to track your 'catalogue along'?