Friday, 17 October 2008

Requirements List

I’ve been busy writing the classes and have now got the list up on the Textile Translations page of the d4daisy site. Go to and follow the link for the free classes. You will come to an enormous blue button (does my button look big in this?). Click it and a dialogue box will come up. You will need the book for the password. When you've found the password, overwrite the word in the box and say OK.

There is a Yahoo group for the classes - details on the same page - and I hope you will join. That could be good fun. I’ve never set up one before, so many thanks to Doctor Dorothy who talked me through it.

I said ‘See you tomorrow’ on my last posting - that was a bit hopeful. We have had such a mad week. No chance to get over the show because the book selling has been manic. What with the secure site and the wholesale orders, we have run completely out of books. The Julia book is selling by the truckload, too. So tomorrow it is the rackety old van for us and off up the M3. Must remember to take some Quells. I’ve always prided myself on being a really good traveller but being a passenger for six hours made me feel really ill. Would be better if I could drive but I can’t because of my lack of insurance cover.

I had a sad day on Tuesday as I decided that poor old Cat Stevens was so poorly that I had to do the deed. Haven’t posted much about her as I’m rather depressed and don’t want to let her go, but she has been so sick lately and is losing her fur. She did seem to get better when we got Smudge but is very low now. We’ve spent abou£1500 at the vets to no avail and you have to ask how much further you can go. However when I talked to Suzivet she suggested a course of steroids as a last resort. She’d had some success with this in another case. So Stevens is being fed expensive paté with pills in it and she does seem a bit brighter already. That might be the paté of course!

Today I’m working on my Grungeboard article for the next Workshop on the Web. I’m having such fun. I’m not sure why it is so much better than cutting shapes from felt or card, but somehow - it just is.

I took a photo of one of my ‘riper’ catalogue, slowly melting on the patio. Couldn’t resist making a few more rips and gouges.

Took a photo and then made a displacement map from it. Love this - I can see a cross in it.

It reminded me of a commission I took on, to make a Reredos panel for a church based on an Ango Saxon poem - The Dream of the Rood. In it the poet saw the cross with one side blazing with glory and the other dark and weeping. I made it from wrapped cords - gradually changing from bright gold to dull copper and the tears were tiny crystal drops. Wish I could find a photo.

Thanks again for such lovely comments. Just answering a few but do appreciate all.

Jordi - I thought she looked familiar - that’s why I asked what make she is. My son in Oz has a Portuguese Water Dog - I guess they’re the same. I’ve only seen a photo, so am dying to meet her when we go out next year. Ian says she has webbed feet but I’m not convinced he’s not teasing!

Clive appreciates the nice comments but says he won’t be repeating the look any time soon.

Susan - a shallow tray - like a kitty litter one would work for the catalogue. Water frequently.

Sonia & Dale thanks for kozo info. We just soak it in water and then play with it!

Miclep - so good to meet you all. Thanks for the support.

Arlee - had a good chuckle about the drool. Hope it doesn’t buckle.


Wabbit said...

I clicked the button and got back to where I was (the page with the button). :( So I clicked for help and though I have XP, decided to turn off the pop-up blocker, but still nothing. Maybe I'll try again later in the morning in case I'm too soon. This is sooooo exciting!

Wabbit said...

Ohhh and I'm so sorry that Cat Stevens isn't doing well. I'll think good thoughts for her and hope that the steroids will help for a good while. It's so hard to see our beloved pets get old. Mr Jaspy was barely himself, especially after his hearing got so bad that he couldn't hear the alarm's high-pitched squeal when we came home. He liked to come greet us and instead we had to go find him. It's so hard that their lives are much shorter than our's.

Unknown said...

Maggie having just returned exhausted from two interviews I thought I would hit the big blue button and like Wabbit nothing happens. Any suggestions? Itching to get going!! Anna

Unknown said...

PS I am also very sorry about Cat Stevens - hope you feel better soon

Maggie Grey said...

aaargh. I've tested it on loads of machines. What is going on - are you getting the password box and putting the password in? You have to delete or type over the existing word in the box. Can you have another try?

Diana said...

Well, I (world's worst techie) have managed to join up for the classes and Yahoo group. Had been a bit concerned as I'd had previous problems with the site, but not this time and if I can do it, anyone can.
Very sorry to hear about poor Cat Stevens, Maggie. I lost my lovely boy Thomas in March and it was the saddest time of my life. It's so true what they say - cats leave pawprints on your heart. Just keep giving him lots of love...
My catalogue looks very similar to yours, ie "ripe" but alas I don't have any gizmos on my computer to play displacement games. Never mind, classes start soon, hurray!

Sonja said...

Timtex is coming back! Just learned it via the quiltart list ( C&T Publishing is making it. Not sure when it will show up in stores though.

Hope kitty is ok. My mom's dog has funny lumps on his "arms" that he has to have taken off and biopsied.

I got all three of your newest books on Wednesday. We'd been waiting a long time for "Image & Stitch." It just happened to come the same day as the d4daisy books. I had a fabulous train ride home from work studying them yesterday. Now I have to let my mom take a turn.

Maggie Grey said...

Hmmm - We've have a little fiddle and you should all be OK now. We'll get the password proper going next week.


Susan D said...

What a coincidence - I bought a litter tray in Poundland last week for dyeing some threads but I'll have a go with the catalogue in it instead. I was beginning to feel left out!!!!

Julie said...

I shall have to go and douse my catalogues again, they're not decaying so quickly.

I'm sorry to hear about Stevens. Steroids are amazing so I'm hoping they will do the trick.

Off to see if I can work the blue button

Heather said...

I shall have another go with the blue button as first attempts didn't work. Do hope poor Stevens is feeling better - it's so sad when they get old and poorly. Our cat has just been ill but seems OK again - he's 17.
I'm going to pull my phone book in half as it is very fat. I can see I shall have to be extra artistic with mine as the pages are so boring!

ReBecca P said...

Hi Maggie
My book arrived yesterday and I have signed up for the Yahoo Group.
This is my first attemped at something like this so very excited.
Sorry to hear that Cat Stevens isn't doin well but I was wondering if the Vets have xray the lower Intestines and bowel for objects? Long story short but I now own a$500.00 #9 embroidery needle that will never be used again thanks to my Ragdoll Dargo.
ps I have been reading your blog for awhile and thought it was time to sign on.

Jackie said...

Oh poor old Stevens. You just can't go on can you,but I think you have given her all the best in life and she is immrtalised in your blog!
By the way, We in the Northwest are all looking forward to hearing your 'Celtic Inspirations' talk at the regional day in April.For once we are going North from Preston Branch!

Judy said...


Sorry to hear Stevens is under the weather and hope she has a bit longer with you.

I love the rendition of the cross and the chane from bright to deeper colours.

Kate said...

Sorry to hear about Cat Stevens, I do hope she gets better soon. It's heartbreaking when they get really poorly. I'm still not over Sammy, our dear old cat who we had put down last year, even though we have two new year old cats and a visiting kitten. I do feel for you.

My Argos catalogue is slowly deteriorating under a shrub in the garden, rather too slowly I fear - must get it out and give it a bit of a thrashing with the watering can!