Monday, 15 December 2008


Another hectic week - mostly spent doing all the admin that I've been putting off for weeks. My desk looks a lot clearer now. I've just realised that I failed to comment on the comments from the blog before last so there is a grand catch up at the end of this epistle.

A big d4daisy excitement - as well as Lynda and Carol (I'm so thrilled about their book) we are going to publish a book by Jean Draper. Her work is just so fantastic and we're flattered that she wants to do a book with us. More details later, but it looks as though d4d will be having another exciting year.

My pieces for Cyber Fyber have arrived and, my goodness, but it looks as though Susan Lenz is setting up a great show. She is working so hard. I so wanted to go over for the exhibition but the flights to Charleston are very expensive - no cheapies that I could see.

I've been doing lots of work but it's mostly for the next lesson in the Textile Translation free classes, so I can't spoil the surprise. Here is something I'm working on for an exhibition with Wessex Textiles in Salisbury Museum in January. More about that in the next blog. I am doing a Timeline of Salisbury, which has an interesting history, right back to Old Sarum in the Neolithic times. As space is limited we are all producing six, eight inch square pieces, and this one is based on an artifact - a jug- in the museum collection. It has a face on it and I'm calling it Skulljuggery.

Here's a detail.

There are lots of faces in the museum artifacts and the next piece will be based on a book with a face. What else to call it but 'Facebook'.
We went to give a talk in Somerset on Saturday and met with terrible flooding. It was a bit scary but the Grey's, like Wells Fargo, made it through. Great day but I was so glad to get home. The nervous tension was tiring and I was just wiped out yesterday.

I was sent a copy of a lovely German magazine, Patchwork Professional, which reviewed my Image to Stitch book. It was, of course, written in German and I tried to use a translation site. This is what came out.

Textilschaffede, already long with the topic besschafigen, are many valuable tipsIf they know its lake a mad subjects, however, like them it on New project ubertragen could caused Maggie Grey do need know show in their New book on the basis of many inspiring textile models like one pictures, photocopies, digitally photo, designs ubertragungsmethoden into a simple or one computerntwurf with merges. In the printed picture can be continued working anschliebebd with hand or machine passport. Way suitably best The book is ace if duck speech into the in a modern manner textile technology in the. But therefore .

Here are the replies to some of the comments I missed.

Jolly good yarn girl - of course you can do the classes. Anyone who has the book can do them, and very welcome they are.

I like the gory bit, Kim but I didn't drip blood on it - honest!

Am trying to find a pic of Olga's luggage for you, Lizzie - you are right, she was certainly interesting and we all miss her.

Pot luck not really an option with my kids' cooking, although Fiona makes a mean cake.I love the way Aussies have a traditional Brit Christmas, Doreen. I've met loads that do that. Bread Sauce - one year, when the kids were all going through different phases, we had three varieties of bread sauce. Carnivore, veggie and vegan. How's that for spoiling the little blighters?

Jane W is on her way so I must finish now. She is bringing work from her life drawing class which featured a naked man with a sword. I can't wait.


Unknown said...

I thought I was excited over 'our' book, but I just can't wait to see Jean Drapers , wonderful news.
Love the translation, LOL

Heather said...

Hooray - two more books to look forward to - well done everyone and d4d. I love the look and sound of Skulljuggery and Facebook and I think the translation of your review is priceless. The site must have been set up by Stanley Unwin. Is anyone else old enough to remember him? Where were Health and Safety when Jane Wild's life class used a naked man with a sword?

Viv Estill said...

I'd love to hear some of this "duck speech" Maggie !

Aussie Jo said...

Don't let Clive see that last comment!!!
The new books sound wonderful. I heard Jean Draper speak and saw her wonderful 3D creations at the Victorian Embroiderer's Guild convention in July. Very inspiring.

Shirley Wager said...

Great news re the two new d4Daisy books. Does that mean that they will be taking the same format e.g. On-line workshops?
Everthing that I have seen by Jean is just wonderful.
Shirley (Australia)

Julie said...

Thank you for the giggle over the translation :o) I must learn that language! lol I'm glad you made it thro the floods ok, it must have been very scary for you.

The new book(s) sound fantastic. I'd better start saving up!

Fulvia said...

I quite concur: The book is ace if duck speech. Amen!

Pam said...

Maggie, The piece is fabulous! I love the texture!!!!! Thanks for sharing so much with us.


gilby said...

I have been a fan of Jean Drapers work for many years and what a treat to look forward to in the year 2009.
Love the jug, you are very generous in the way you share your work with all of us, do hope you will be sharing pics of the naked man with a sword.

artisbliss said...

Skulljuggery is gorgeous. I love the burned-through bits around the curlicues. Makes me want to get down to some serious fiber/mixed media play.

What a hilarious translation experience!

Digitalgran said...

You are going to be very busy Maggie! I had to try and read your translation to Em. Isn't it hilarious? Life just gets busier and I still haven't been able to start on your lovely lessons. I have been reading them though and can't wait to clear the decks so I can start.

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