Tuesday, 31 March 2009

April Greetings

No, of course I wouldn't do that to you all - you would never trust me again.
Thanks for all the kind words. Glad you are looking forward to the new books.

wabbit - I can't bear it about your catalogue. You always make such great art. Email me your postal address maggie@workshopontheweb.com and I'll send you one of my spares.

It's a big post tomorrow (might take a while to load) so I just wanted to show you a piece of art that has proved an inspiration for my killed catalogue. It's by a chap called Rob Woolner, who lives in my neck of the woods. Jane Wild introduced me to him and Clive and I loved his work and purchased this piece. I like the understated color scheme with the enlivening touches of red. Not a good photo as it is a glazed piece, but you will recognize some of the elements in tomorrow's post.

.This is the catalogue I will be using and I am going to go through the whole process. Next week it will be another catalogue and an entirely different approach.


See you all tomorrow, catalogues at the ready.


Genie said...

Looks exciting !! cant wait !! need to retire so i can play!! but will have to win the lottery first.

Heather said...

Ready to go and champing at the bit!!

Jackie said...

I am just wondering..when you send a new catalogue to wabbit, what exactly are you going to write on the description of contents label? Rotted catalogue?