Monday, 11 May 2009

Back Home

I have had such a great time in Dublin, giving a lecture and teaching the most wonderful and clever set of people. They were so friendly and funny – we had a really good laugh. They also came up with some great work. We were mostly working with water soluble, both paper and film, combined with metal. There were a few side trips into zappy felt and embossing powder. Here are some gems. I haven’t attempted to name the makers as I’m sure to get it wrong. There was no selection involved in these pics, as all the work was great. These were
the first ones off the camera. This one looks like armour - hard to believe it is paper.


This one reminds me of the enchanted forest - thorns and all.


I do know that the one below is by Anne.


This is going to be a little bag.


A lovely zappy one.

One of the girls was disappointed that I didn’t say on the blog that I was going to Dublin but I have heard horror stories of people being burgled when they announce holidays, etc. So I tend to keep quiet until I am home again, especially when Clive comes too. These are not 'our' arty people, obviously.

We had a day and a bit to revisit some favourite haunts in Dublin and discovered the Chester Beatty library – quite breathtaking and very inspiring. I found evidence of the first killed catalogue known to man – a papyrus from the second century AD. Awful photo but it was a bit of a sneaky one. It did look just like our catalogues.

Thanks for the comments:
Heather – I think you are right about the origins of the tree decorating custom. The cloutie wells, with their cloths, always remind me of the prayer flags that other countries have. I love things like that, where textiles are changed and evolve due to weather and exposure. I think that is why I like the catalogues.

They are very hard, Becky – like boards but they can be carved into and have decoration applied. The pages weld together but have often blown into wonderful shapes before fusing. I find it best to leave them on the patio as they are less likely to be visited by cats. Look at the way the pages form chevrons in this one.

Julie, interesting about the other coin tree – I wonder if they are widespread – I’ve never come across one before.

Genie you are right – time is the greatest luxury and I really don’t know how I’d cope without Fiona who does all the admin for Wow and Quiltwow and so much more besides.

Hi Margaret – you are so right about time. Better start getting ready for Christmas.

Gill – your work is great and always welcome on my blog.

We shall watch out for your composted catalogue, Jan. I think I might try one in our compost bin – safe from cats there, too.

The icon straps are made from paper, Becky – right up your street. I think you are right when you say textile art is touchy-feely and this is why I like to keep my pieces unframed. There is no doubt that they sell better when placed behind glass so I do sometimes glaze exhibition pieces. However paper is great, too and the combination of both is best!

Due to a diary collision I am doing a workshop at Urchfont tomorrow. It’s for one of my favourite groups so I know I will have a good time. Planning to take some time out today as we flew back from Ireland quite late last night.


Kim Dellow said...

Glad you had fun in Dublin. These pieces are amazing, what a talented lot. Kim

Gina said...

Fabulous work from your students Maggie.

Heather said...

Those pieces by your workshop students are fabulous - wonderful textures and colours. I love the papyrus 'catalogue' too. I am still dithering over how to decorate mine and must get going. I'm doing Dale Rollerson's Ratty Tatty Papers course at present as well as taking part in two Art Trails so am running on flat batteries right now. Don't work too hard.

Genie said...

Welcome back Maggie,
glad you had a good time.
lovely pieces i think i am drooling!!

Carol Q said...

ooh fabulous samples from your students.

Julie said...

What fabulous work by the Dublin ladies. Anne's piece really spoke to me.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Love your student's work - obviously a fabulous teacher was in the background!

Thanks for the heads up on announcing upcoming vacations... I never thought about it. So maddening to have to think about the few bad eggs out there.

elindsa said...

How great work your students have done. I wish I could do so myself. I have a long way to go before I can make such things:-).

Many greetings


Mad Aunt Bernard said...

These pieces are beautiful! I do love your blog, too. Unfortunatly I have a weeks worth of glosswork and sanding to do, but I suppose it could wait if I had a little creative treat first....:-)