Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Almost Here

Thanks for the good wishes. I'm much better now. New Sue Rangeley book out in January and we'll hopefully have one from Isobel Hall, too. There is a rumour that she might do free classes. Fingers crossed.

Well, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, as the song says. We lost our broadband connection this week – first time in about ten years, so I guess we’ve been lucky. Don’t you just miss it? It’s not properly back yet – all the companies blaming each other, of course. I can only get on line on the laptop with wi-fi. I’ve had to use it in some strange places around the house and I think we’ll draw a veil over the episode in the downstairs loo. That was the only place it worked at one point. I’m at my desk in a quite normal situation at the moment but this will be a short post in case it goes again.

What a great excuse to buy an iphone. I’ve wanted one for ages and it’s so exciting. I can get on-line with it – yesterday I even got my emails but today I can’t. Will investigate tomorrow. It even works on the docking station although they said it wouldn’t.

I’m busy making cards for Workshop on the Web’s gift subscription scheme. If given as a pressie, the recipient gets a hand-made card and the subscription details and the giver get an extra issue of WoW. Anyone interested get in touch with

I love making cards – do you like my mulberry bark angels with tassel skirts? Good to do some fun hand stitching in the evening.

Must go now in case it disappears – quit while you are ahead I reckon. Back soon.


Aussie Jo said...

Lovely cards Maggie, maybe I could give myself a xmas pressie!!

Heather said...

You temptress you!! More books - oh dear. I'm a self-confessed bookaholic and Sue Rangeley's work is gorgeous. I already have two by Isobel Hall which are excellent so her third is bound to be a 'must-have'. I love your cards with the angels. Hope you get properly connected soon - it must be so frustrating for you both. We shall all imagine you now, sitting in the downstairs loo working on your laptop!!

JP said...

I think I might have to treat myself too as my family don't always understand my interests - last year I told my son the books I wanted were on Amazon - he only half listened and on Christmas morning I opened a book --------- on THE AMAZON!!!!!!!!!! - so if I wnt one of your gorgous angels Maggie I'll just have sort it out myself!!!!

loVe2cre8 said...

Yes, Maggie I love your angels. Gotta go make some!