Friday, 20 November 2009

Up and Running

Back to normal at last with Broadband. Boy, do you miss it when it's gone.

Heather – Yes, I think Sue Rangeley’s work is wonderful. Her drawings and fashion sketches are so very good and we’ve angled the book to show how she moves from inspiration, through studio work to sampling and finished pieces. Then there is a section to show the techniques in detail. There is an excitement about Isobel’s book too, but I will wait until I’ve met up with her next week to tell you about that.

Had such a giggle about the book on the Amazon, JP. Hope it had enough in the way of pics to be an inspiration.

I’m still enjoying card making for the WoW gift subs. Sometimes the simplest things work really well – this one is just a hand stitched strap made from silk carrier rods with some couching and a metallic leaf.


We are having new furniture in our sitting room and the mess and work this has generated is quite unbelievable. Emptying drawers, taking the cast-off furniture to the kids and getting rid of the spiders and cobwebs that had been lurking behind the bookcases, has taken ages.

I hope to bring you photos of my new look living room in the next post. The sofas aren’t coming until after Christmas – just as well with all the GCs trampling about.

I left Clive to it yesterday and went out with my girls for a spot of Christmas shopping in Southampton. Always fun when we get together and we found lots of good pressies. I forgot my camera and had to use the iphone for these festive wintry shots.
Not bad for a camera phone and very easy to transfer to my laptop.

I am loving my iphone even more than I thought I would. Have had a lot of fun in the app store – more on that later. Best of all is that I can now have Spotify – the music streaming site – playing on my iphone dock (I have these all over the house). You have to pay for the premium service. I already had the free version on my laptop but it’s a hassle carrying it around. Figure I will save money on itunes, though.

Did anyone go to Harrogate K&S? I don’t do that one but would love to hear how it’s going.


Heather said...

I love your little strap design Maggie - it is so simple yet stunning. I hate all the disruption of home improvements but it is lovely when everything is back in place. You will be so pleased with it all. Glad you enjoyed your 'girlie' shopping trip. I have become a grouch and not yet visited Bristol's grand new shopping Mall - it has all changed so much I'd probably get lost.

Julie said...

Hi Maggie, glad to hear your Broadband problems are sorted. I'm going to Harrogate tomorrow so I'll let you know what I think. I'll probably blog about it too in a day or two.

Wendy said...

I went, it was a little bit quieter than normal years, but not much. There seemed to be lots of stands selling beads, some quilting supplies and the usual budget busters. I blogged about some of my favotite exhibits

Unknown said...

Oh Maggie had to comment;
I used to live in Southampton as a child. Where abouts did you take the photos? I didn't ralise you leaved near there.

Deb Hardman said...

Hey Maggie, since you can't come to Alaska in March, is there anyone you know who might fill the bill for us? I was really plugging for you!

Aussie Jo said...

Shame I can't give myself a subscription, that card is yummy.
The shopping centre looks interesting, reminds me of Melbourne Central, which was built around the original shot tower.
Maybe I can get husband to do the xmas pressies this year!!! Have only done oldest daughter's so far.

Paulene said...

Maggie, DH has recently bought an iphone and my favourite app is the Loo App - shows where all the public loos are and the opening times, including those in shops. Just what I've always wanted!(sadly I think it only shows London loos)