Friday 22 January 2010

The mystery of the disappearing video

Gina - Yes, I suspect that we all buy each others' stuff. Good thing, too. Loved the silk painted tie on your blog.

Smudge fights with Mickey - the cat next door, Pascale. Apparently Mickey's ear was in a similar condition and I suspect that Smudge started it, Julie.

Heather - yes, a Jan Beaney is a great thing to have. I have some of my own work on show, too - particularly up the stairs - these icon pieces are among my favourites and I've refused to sell them. Couldn't find the camera so took these with the iphone -not brilliant indoors but they've all been in various books so you'll have seen them before.
Lovely to have your sister's work Robin. The creative gene runs in the family, then?

Aussie Jo - good to buy undiscovereds - might pick up a masterpiece that way. Much more important though to enjoy the work. Also good to give encouragement by doing this.

Jackie - you are right that we need to make provision for when we leave our wonderful things. Val repeatedly told her daughters that they were not to do anything about her workroom until Jane (Lemon) and I had a look and a sort out (which we did).

Jane, I buy my scrim from Oliver Twists ( or Ario(
Smudge says 'thanks', Becky - he is fully recovered but hasn't been out so much lately so it's frightened him a little. He had a nasty experience yesterday when I gave him a good grooming with a wire brush and accidentally groomed his 'unmentionables'. He spent a lot of time under the table glowering.

Lynn sent me this pic - hope it's Ok to use it? I love your Buddha - one up on mine, I think.

Had a strange experience with Blogger on Wednesday when I spent ages putting the video up for the free classes. It was avi format which made it very big, but good and sharp. When I looked the next day the whole post had gone! So I had to do it all again, but saved it down to mpeg which was a lot quicker but not so clear. Anyone else had that experience?
This is a pic of the final result which I meant to put with it. The base material is Model Soft/ Hearty Clay - call it what you will.
I'm going to finish this quickly in case it goes again.


Heather said...

Beautiful images Maggie - I love your icons too and have the books they are in. I have all sorts of strange occurences with blogger but put it down to my lack of skill and knowledge. However, like Thora Hird's car in Last of the Summer Wine, this laptop definitely has a mind of it's own!!

Anonymous said...

I love your icon pieces too, Maggie! I don't blame you for not wanting to part with them! Is there there even the remotest chance you will teach them on, Workshop on the Web?

Anonymous said...
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JP said...

Maggie i just love your icon pieces - I think it is good we buy other people's work as at least we appreciate just how much goes into each piece!

Yvette said...

enjoyed your book raising the surface...waiting for strips..etc, but it's not on the dutch market yet.
Maggie you made so glad with this intriguing book!

Robin Mac said...

Why wouldn't you keep those gorgeous icon pieces. Like Heather, I also have the books they are in, and also like Heather, I blame my incompetence when things go wrong for me with blogger! thanks for showing the picture of the finished piece from your video. cheers, Robin

Jane Herman said...

Hi Maggie,
I just discovered your website and blog. Actually, I was referred by a friend. Your work is Fabulous! I just love what you can do with layers of cloth and stitching. It is magical.
I am just starting to explore the world of stitching and thread painting, as it is called in the US. I am a feltmaker and intend to use the stitching to add depth, emphasis, movement and clarification, ie: surface design, to my work.
I look forward to following your blog. If you'd like to check out mine:
Thanks, Jane from Massachusetts, USA