Monday, 22 February 2010

Of Dentistry and Fish

Where have I been, it's been ages!

Not an exciting answer, I'm afraid as I finally had the troublesome tooth removed. This wasn't as bad as it could have been - last time it got infected and I was really ill. Feeling rather guilty as, going for the sympathy vote, I have hitched a lift to Urchfont Manor with Jane Wild. Always more fun to go with someone though but I hope we have room for all the stuff.

We are going to work on collagraphs - Jane has written a brilliant workshop on the subject in the March issue of WoW (out March 1st). I do love the chance to get away to Urchfont for a couple of days and just play. No phones, no displacement activities (well , there is the food and the chat but we still get a lot done). All this is tempered by the terrible guilt that I feel leaving Clive at home putting my Ikea storage units together. All part of a massive tidy up which may result in a big give-away!

Talking of give aways I have a lovely mini quilt by Phillippa Lack to give away. I photograhed it for her article in the March WoW (going to be a great issue). She kindly offered it as a charity give-away so whoever wins it must make a small donation to their favourire charity. More details and photo on March 1st.


I have been doing some work on fossil fish. I do love their elegant shapes and I have lots of stencils so am pushing on. Above is a sketchbook page and below you can see a detail of work-in-progress resulting from it. I have it almost finished but keep changing my mind on whether to put in a conventional frame or stitch it to a stretcher.


This piece may become one of my Ally Pally exhib pieces and I do find that work sells better when framed 'properly' and glazed.

What do you folks think?


Aussie Jo said...

That is a gorgeous piece. I think they are easier to keep clean if behind glass, but if I bought yours I would want to be able to touch all those textured bits.
Lucky you to get away and have some arty fun, have a great few days.

Emma said...

I'm with Jo - 'people' like work framed up but I would have to be able to touch. You've made my mouth water - & made me itch to(try to) draw a fossil, there are one or two on the Isle of Skye!

Can't WAIT til the next WOW, Thanks :)

Heather said...

Your fossil piece is wonderful - I have a book of fossils and the fishy ones are so inspiring, but you've beaten me to it! People do seem to prefer work framed and glazed, but like Jo and Emma, I always want to be able to touch and feel the texture. Glad the dentistry went well and have a great time at Urchfont.

JP said...

this is fantastic work - sorry about your tooth - back ache and face ache are intolerable!

jude said...

So long the work framed to complements the piece (glass or open and touchy/feely), then I think framing works. The problem seems to come when the frame detracts from the work - either because it's bad framing or lovely frame but doesn't work with the piece. (There is probably room for a WoW course on Framing as an Enhancement but that could be a whole other story). Either way Maggie, your framing works!

Julie said...

I'm glad the tooth thing is sorted :o) I'm sad to say I will have to wait for the March WOW as I will be away when it's published without internet access.

Your drawings are beautiful and I hope you have a great time at Urchfont.

lindacreates said...

This is an amazing piece. I would love to see it framed, but not behind glass. It is so textural you have to touch it. Keep up the incredible art!