Monday, 25 October 2010

23 Sleeps to Moving Day

Life is very hassly at the moment. I thought it would settle down when we had a firm date but I'd forgotten about all the arrangements to be made with the utility companies and, worst of all, British Telecom. So far we've had four emails all giving different information about installing the new line! As for arranging the Broadband connection, well...........
Our ISP, Madasafish (how can we swap providers when they have a name like that?) is great and has been very supportive in our BT battles. Just when we thought we had the right sort of number, for the right sort of line, they came up with the idea of sending an engineer first thing in the morning on moving day. Sigh.
Anyway, amid all the packing I have managed to do a bit of stitching to keep me sane. Here is an icon-type saintly lady who is going to the K&S at Harrogate to replace one I sold in London.

She is heavily machine-stitched on felt and I've manipulated her face with padding to get a raised efect that I'm quite pleased with.

I was going to just mount her on card for the cradle sales but then found this great frame, made by the wood-working-son-in-law. Needs to be a slightly darker colour but looking good for a wall piece, I think.

The winner of the dissolvables sample book (remember the 'let me know' list for the Mixed Media Book) is Marilyn Szatmari. Drawn from the hat by Fiona who will be posting it to you soon Marilyn. Well done.


Have to dash off now to Staples for more bubble-wrap. the packing continues.


KerryFelter said...

She is really gorgeous, Mag!! Did you fill in the skin by drawing with the machine embroidery?? I would love to create something like this, but this is perhaps a couple years away...:)

Heather said...

Congrats to Marilyn - lucky lady. Your saintly lady is beautiful and looks fabulous in that frame. In times of stress she will bring you serenity so keep her close by! Good luck with everything though I daresay you'll pop a quick post or two in before M-day! The word verification is 'tence' but they have spelt it incorrectly!

Quinn said...

I think I recognize your lady - she is the Patron Saint of Smooth Relocations. And just in time :)

Val said...

Hi Maggie - I sawy you doing a demonstration with copper foil at the NEC this year and I am trying to trace where to buy some - can you help.
Your embroidered lady is absolutely gorgeous and makes a beautiful marriage with the frame!

Digitalgran said...

Your saint is just lovely Maggie. I hope she keeps you on the same saintly track during during the move. It must be evry frustrating for you as being connected to Broadband is so vital for your business isn't it?

scooter said...

Maggie, gorgeous iconography! Good luck with the move. Cleta

Katie said...

Your saint is amazing. what a fabulous idea. Makes me want to run out and try machine embroidery too!