Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Moving - part 1

Well, the moving experience has certainly improved since the last time we did this twenty-six years ago. The large van turned up early this morning (the day before moving day). We thought that they were just going to take a few boxes but they are planning to move as much as possible today so we can have a clean up. That will save time tomorrow. We'll have beds, sofas and the telly, so not too much like camping out.



The weather is horrible with driving rain, but they have a catwalk, which they run up at a great rate. They are being very careful with all the furniture.

Very nice lads, too. They are getting on with it quickly and our only role is to make tea and get in the way.

It's good to be able to have a clean up today. We'll save our energy for the new place tomorrow.

There are even portable wardrobes - straight in with the clothes, on their hangers.


I thought I would feel sad but I'm really keen to get into the new abode, especially as the dishwasher is out of action.
I liked all the comments and I'm ahead of you with the cookies and chocolate. The emergency box is full of them - and I've got a spare kettle. My reading material, wabbit, is going to be kitchen and bathroom brochures. So glad you find our books good for eye-candy.
Next blog will be from the new home - nicknamed The Hut after a Celtic prayer about a hut in the wilderness, suitable for hermits. It's not quite the wilderness, but on the edge of it. We've just found out that our new next door neighbours have chickens. Now what will Smudge think of that?


Diane Kelsey said...

Best wishes in your new home! Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and your studio are the first to be un-packed, the rest of the boxes can wait.

Heather said...

Your removal firm knows it's business well by the sound of it - glad it's all going well. Welcome to your new home and I wish you both every happiness there. I'm impressed that you managed a post on moving day!!

Minerva said...

Wishing you every happiness in your new home. Never mind the tea and biscuits - have the gin and tonic at the ready!

Looking forward to your next post. Good luck.


Fibrenell said...

Aren't those wardrobes great? When we moved abroad the removers brought giant jiffy bags for furniture and wrapped everything in bubble wrap to within an inch of its life - well protected, but couldn't tell what anything was afterwards! best wishes and enjoy your new home!

Aussie Jo said...

Hmmm, or what will the chickens think of Smudge!!
Good luck with the moving and settling in.

Sharne Gregory said...

Best wishes in your new home.

Robin Mac said...

Well, I hope you are managing to find everything you need now you are in your new home. I haven't had time yet to read all the comments from the last posts, we have been away for a couple of weeks. I want to say again here how generous you are - a lovely new copy of your mixed media book was waiting for me when we arrived home. Thank you so much, though I could still read the waterlogged one when it dried out! I certainly hadn't expected a new copy. Hope the rest of the moving and unpacking goes well - and that Smudge and the chickens stay well apart. How appropriate for moving - the verification word is upurose!

Jackie said...

Exciting..but scary too. Are you moving far from your old home?