Saturday, 29 January 2011

Free Classes, an Exhibition and Standing in the Bath

I can't believe that it has been two weeks since my last blog (shades of the confessional). The excuse is that I have been working almost non stop on the free classes, which begin on Monday.

I wanted them to be more 'joined up' this time so I've planned a more structured course where techniques used at the beginning (working with silk paper, water-soluble paper and other bits) will expand and gather pace. I'm also going to make sure that samples from each lesson can be used in the next.

I've had such fun with embossing powder - set myself to find a way to melt it that doesn't need a Melting Pot or a ladle. It works - see below.



The detail below is from a piece that mixes silk paper, silk carrier rods and 'flaps' of water-soluble - great for texture.

Don't forget that the classes are free to anyone who has purchased the book Mixed Media: New Studio Techniques from any source. If you haven't got a copy head over to and buy one.

The free on -line classes build on the book's techniques and we will have a Yahoo group where we can chat. My co-author Isobel Hall and I will pop up and chat, too. Isobel is in Australia just now with a dodgy dongle but she will do her best to keep in touch with everyone doing our lessons. Hope to meet up with old and new friends on Monday.

Having become a little stir crazy with all this studio work, Clive and I went to the Pat Hodson Exhibition at Walford Mill in Wimborne, Dorset today. I must confess I hadn't heard of her and her work is fabulous. Do get to the exhibition if you can - it's on until February 27. I'm not going to tell you a lot about it because I immediately decided to review it for the March issue of Workshop on the Web. The reviews are always in the unrestricted part of WoW so have look on 1st March

Here is a view of the gallery.

But you need to see the work 'up close and personal', as you can see from the detail below. She uses text in wonderful ways, very fresh and innovative work. It takes a lot for me to go 'Oh Boy' but we were really bowled over by it and purchased two of her delightful little books.


I have also managed to get out and partake of food and drink. An evening treat at Pizza Express to celebrate grandaughter Lauren's seventeenth birthday (needless to say, the present had to do with a course of driving lessons).

Yesterday was a trip to the seaside to go to Urban Reef - a laid-back cafe bar on the coast at Boscombe. Good company, a glass of something bubbly (I wasn't driving) and lovely fresh mussels.


I hear you wondering about the bathroom. Well, three days of plastering, plus layers of plaster dust later - we have a bath. I like showers but there are times when only a bath will do. We crept in and tried it out, trying not to splash the new plaster.

What can we be doing in the pic below? Standing in our new bath on tiler Justin's jacket to make it go down one thousand of a millimetre at one end so he could tighten a bolt. I've heard of precision but is this a little over the top?



Hopefully pics of the finished room will soon follow. See you at the classes.


Heather said...

The on-line classes sound just what I need right now - creativity is hibernating. I love the look of the textured piece and look forward to having a go. Glad you have had time off for some fun. Love the pic of you both in the bath!! They say it's a good way of keeping a marriage fresh!!!

Cda00uk said...

Couldn't agree more about Pat Hodson's work - it is mind blowing, and so original. We also bought a little book, although I really wanted the £3,800 one!

Emma said...

These textures look amazing, I might have to invest in your latest book - will the classes 'hang about' or are they a limited time?

Thanks for the link to me on your last post! I know card making time has got to be kept to a minimum but it's great when the result looks complicated!

Penny said...

My book arrived two days ago! Just in time.
Terribly hot here, I hope Isobel is surviving, I was going to catch up with her when she was in Adelaide but January just slipped past.

liniecat said...

I bought the book at Harrogate, not off the several book stalls, but off a stall with your name and others on it, cant recall the name of it now, but there was some fab work on display there.
But I didnt see you there, guess that was when you were moving and all, let alone the blessed weather!
Ive enjoyed the other books add on workshops very much. Its like having a thankyou for buying your books, so as a regular punter, I am very grateful for the efforts you put in after the books birth!
Love the textures youve achieved and the rich colours too. Yummy.

Heather said...

Just had a look at the first free online lesson - fantastic and very inspirational. It has given me plenty to think about and I have just about everything needed so have no excuse for not becoming creative again. Thankyou.

Jenny said...

can relate to the kitchen problems. Just wanted to say having just moved to Vietnam I'm finding your blog a great way of staying in touch.
The workshop on the web has been extremely helpful with my C&G course work. So thanks and keep on writing....maybe Clive could type for you to save the wrist.